Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hi everyone! So I've been into some random stuff lately, okay more than into..I've been obsessed with some random things lately! I thought I'd share with you guys!

#1: MOKSHA YOGA (hot yoga)
I FINALLY got a membership at the hot yoga studio near my student house! I've always loved hot yoga, but I never found the time to consistently go - but I've been keeping up with it lately and it FEELS SO GOOD! I'm totally obsessed.

#2: David's Tea!
I've always loved tea, but recently I've gotten into teas that are good for your health such as green tea, ayurvedic tea etc - and I ordered a BUNCH of stuff from David's Tea! I've been drinking so much of it! Look forward to a post on that soon :) (Right now I can't stop drinking "the skinny" oolong tea!)

#3: Spinach and Gorgonzola Salad
I'm trying to start eating healthier salads, and this one is just so yummy! I literally feel like eating it as a snack EVERY day. It's something about the apples, the nuts, the cheese altogether - it just GOES!

#4: Scentportables
I went to bath&body works last month and got my first set of scentportables! I love these things! I got them in the scents "Frosted Cupcake" and "Island Margarita" .. as well as one other scent which I can't seem to remember right now! Anyways, they smell divine and they're VERY subtle. Again, obsessed.

#5: Micheal Germain -  Séxual Secret Luxury Body Lotion
I have LOTS of creams that I love - but this one has a very mature and somewhat stronger scent than I usually like. I actually have this whole set - but I love the cream because I pretty much don't need any body spray or perfume afterwards, and I just really enjoy the scent. It's very mature and feminine :)

#6: Booster Juice - Mind Over Matcha
OMGGGG you guys don't even know how much I love the taste of this HIGH PROTEIN SUPERFOOD BOOSTER JUICE! Ugh, it's just so god and GOOD FOR YOU. It has 28g of protein which is awesome for me because I don't get a lot of protein as a vegetarian, as well this is great as an option when you're in between snack and full-meal hunger! So much better than a chocolate bar :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post - just a couple things I'm obsessed with at the moment.

What are your random faves? 


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