Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm obsessed with MANGO scents!

Hi lovelies! I've currently been so obsessed with The Body Shop, especially their fruit scents! I absolutely LOVE their lip butters because they're such a different consistency and formula than regular lip balms or chapsticks. But unfortunately their lip butters don't usually come along with their sets when they do a scent set. So for example, they'll have body lotion, shower gel, body butter and other products of the same scent in a set, but never lip butters!! :( So I decided to buy a lip butter to go along with my body butter when I became so obsessed with this scent!

This lip butter is to DIE FOR! It smells so heavenly, and it does a great job at exfoliating lips because the formula is much thicker than a lip balm or another lip's less creamy and more dry if you know what I mean. Here's a swatch:

It doesn't look that dry here, but on your lips it comes out much more "tough" and less creamy like most lip butters. Which is good because it can almost be used as a sort of scrub as well. I just love it! I tend to use it under my glosses to make sure my lips are prepped. 

I got this Mango Body Butter in a body butter set FOREVER AGO, and because of all the other creams I have, I hadn't gotten a chance to whip it out until recently! Omg you guys don't even know how yummy it smells. As a body BUTTER you need to keep in mind that the consistency is slightly more "oily" than a regular cream, so it's not great to use on your face or anything (sometimes I use regular creams on my face), but it makes your skin SO SMOOTH and smell so yummy!

Here's a swatch:
As you can see, it also has a more think formula, but again more oily than a regular cream - it does wonders for dry skin. I just can't get over the smell, I want to EAT IT!



  1. I love all of body shops stuff, they're body scrubs are AMAZING!

    Followed you back also :D