Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Current favourite apps!

Here are the apps I've been LOVIN' so far this year!

Instagram has gotta be my #1! I can't get away from this app I just love it so much, I mean it's like picture after picture - I could just look at it forever! I follow some awesome accounts on this thing so I use it like crazy!

I always love Shazam - it's the ultimate brilliant app that people in the 90s wished for!! It exists! I've found the names to so many songs on this thing I can't even tell you!

I've been obsessed with this game for like the last 3 months and I'm STILL obsessed! Who would have thought managing your own little tower would actually be so fun?!

Seriously this alarm saves my life everyday. Except for the days I choose to continuously press ignore..

Banking from your phone? I mean I literally pay all of my bills with this little thing. I couldn't ask for it to be any easier!

PicStitch is AMAZEBALLS because you can add an awesome coloured border to your pics, and everything is in line - nothing looks messy and the pics can all be seen!

I usually follow up picstitch with BOKEHFUL because you can add cute shapes in different colour gradients to your pics! It's so easy and looks so awesome, I even use it to edit photos for my blog sometimes! These apps go REALLY well with instagram!! :)

What are your fave apps lately?


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