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Hey everyone!! I know I’ve been off my blogging game –school is killing me!! And I know I’m not doing the posts I said I’d do – I’mthe kind of person that gets bored REALLY easily, so I’ll be so excited to postsomething, and say I’ll do it, until something more exciting comes along. Thus,I’ve decided not to do posts saying what my “upcoming posts” are going to be,unless I’m SURE I’m going to do it, because I tend to post when I’m excitedabout something. I do have A LOT of ideas, and I SO SO SO wanna mentionsomething, but again I don’t want to say “Here are the posts I’m gonna do..”and then not do them. Know what I mean?

Any who ENOUGH with the ramblings. If you know me at all,you know that I have REALLY chapped lips – like always. And for a long timeVaseline was my best friend. And I would carry a random lip balm around with meall day. But as I got older I found that Vaseline was just a little too thickfor me, and almost oily..if that makes sense? And I started to get REALLY boredof my random lip balms like Chapstick, Nivea, Blistex and more recently I’vealso had the Vitamin Water lip balm. Again, I’ve just been getting REALLYbored, I found that the smell wasn’t very strong in the them and I hated havingto cover my lips like 10 times with the same stick to get good coverage. So..IDID SOME SEARCHING!

And I found…


What I really love about these lip balms is how CUTE theyare. The packaging is so different, less boring, and they’re HUGE! I think itprobably has more product than a regular cylinder lip balm. Subsequently youalso get much more COVERAGE out of them which is also great. They have a reallysubtle SMELL as well, which is nice  -I’m thinking of trying their creams too.

Here are the ones I have:

Honeysuckle Honeydew

Sweet Mint

Strawberry Sorbet


Ø Great packaging
Ø Lots of product
Ø Subtle smell
Ø Good coverage
Ø Great moisturizer

I also found..


These are also great. Again no boring packaging which isawesome, that’s why I was originally drawn to them. They also have a reallystrong smell, which is great on those days when you want something a littlestronger; I mean your nose is RIGHT above your lips haha. What I’m not a hugefan of is that they’re still the regular tube-like style that most lip balmsare – which is okay because they are quite sleek and fit into your purse orclutch nicely. However, there’s nothing special about that. Another great thingabout these is that they have COLOUR.

 So, on a day where you don’t wantsomething as thick as lipstick but you still want your lips to be moisturizedthese are great. I tend not to like lip balms with colour because thelight-ness usually washes my face out – I’m brown baby I need some DEEP colour!So I bought that didn’t have a colour. However, the other two have light colourand I was surprised that they didn’t really wash out my face, so that’s prettycool! Again because of their shape you don’t always get the BEST coverage, so Istill like the EOS shape better but nevertheless I’ll still use these up!

Hereare the ones that I got:

Peach Kiss

Lip Swatch:
You can see that it definitely lightens my lips up too much, and it shimmers a bit which I'm also not a huge fan of - however, I had to apply it a couple times to get this much colour out of it (again because my lips are naturally pretty dark). I'd probably still wear it..just not this thick so it didn't look so light on my skin tone. 


Grape Vine

Lip Swatch
If you apply constantly it will show up more purple than this, excuse the bad quality photo. But this is essentially what it looks like, again not TOO much colour on my skin, which is good, as a lip balm it DEFINITELY does it's job - and the colour is just a little added bonus, although I'm not sure I'd ever wear it this dark. 

Ø Cute packaging
Ø Sleek shape
Ø Light colour
Ø Not great coverage
ØGreat moisturizer - slightly more "liquid" payoff than the EOS balms

Have you guys tried these yet? What do you think?

PS. I only swatched the ones that actually show colours, the others are regular lip balms so they don't have colour, they just moisturize! I will say though that the Baby Lips is definitely more "glossy" and "wet" when you put it on if you know what I mean, whereas the EOS balms are more dry, and dont leave much of a shine or anything.


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