Wednesday, December 12, 2012


SECRETLIFEOFABIONERD PUT MY DIY TREE IN HER VIDEO!! I feel so cool, I love her!! This is the picture I instagrammed and tagged her!

And then I was watching her video randomly today, totally unaware that she was putting pics of her viewers trying her last DIYs, I wasn't even paying attention and then I was like OMG..THAT'S MINE! It's nice to know that someone as well known as her on YouTube actually checks the pictures people send to her! It's encouraging me to let other YouTubers know when I try something that they've suggested! Of course..I print-screened it..duhhh

Anyways I feel special so I thought I would share..hehe :)



Very mini lush haul!

As promised, here's my mini Lush haul! (on the same night too! That's how you know I don't want to study for exams..) I bought 3 items and got two samples from Lush last week! I love Lush products mainly because of the smell, but I also love that they're made with natural products so they're good for your skin, hair etc. Here's what I got: 


I've been wanting to try Lush shampoo for a while. I figured this would be the best one to start with because I have very fine, damaged hair - and the sales person said this one might be good to try! It of course smells wonderful, it's a very subtle fresh scent. So far I've only used it a couple times but it definitely has made my hair a lot less greasy and more smooth. 


I really got this because of the name. No I'm totally kidding. But it does sound cool! I mainly got this because I didn't want to mix another type of conditioner with the Lush shampoo, so I thought why not try one? It has an amazing lemon scent, quite fresh and strong! I apply this only to my roots and so far it gives my hair a very smooth texture and leaves it smelling great! 


This soap is kind of an inside joke between my cousins and I, but maybe I'll explain that another..ANYWAYS, it is my ABSOLUTE favourite soap in the entire world. It has this amazing fresh, citrus scent and scrubs the skin so well because it has actual bits of fruit in it! I prefer rougher soaps because I feel like they're actually cleaning my body!


When I mentioned that I liked rougher soaps the sales associate mentioned this soap..he said that it makes your skin very smooth because it scrubs away dead skin, dirt etc. So I thought why not get a sample - I haven't tried it yet but it has a very subtle soap smell, so it should be nice!


I COULDN'T GET MY EYES AWAY FROM THIS SOAP! The colours are just so damn vibrant and beautiful. You know how I love my fresh scents - and this soap is NO EXCEPTION. It smells wonderful! It has a strong lime and cypress scent, which is a great out-of-the-shower smell in my opinion. But jeez isn't it just SO PRETTY?!

That's it for now guys, I'm so excited to try these soaps and hopefully buy some full-sized ones..again I should probably go back to studying now..

I'm thinking of trying the BIG shampoo by Lush next. Has anyone used it?

What are your favourite Lush products?



Monday, December 03, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Hey everyone! I decided to do a new years post instead of a Christmas post because..well to be honest I don't have much to say about Christmas. It's great to spend time with family and everything,  but I strongly dislike snow, and sometimes Christmas can get a bit too materialistic for me. For me it's more about spending time with people - which I will totally post about with pictures LATER :)

ANYWHO - I decided to do a post about my new years resolutions. I've been thinking about these for a while, so I thought I would share them with everyone.

Now I know most people don't really keep their resolutions, but I think even the process of REFLECTING on one's self is important, so that even if these changes don't happen within the next year, at least they're something you've acknowledged about yourself - and can hopefully improve upon at some point in life.

So here are mine:

I don't have a very consistent workout schedule. At all. And it's pretty bad, because I want to be fit and healthy..and I'm just not there yet. I've found that I'm not the kind of person who will work out on my own, I need to actually set a schedule and stick to it. I've been exposed to so many different types of workouts: drop-in dance classes, barreworks, step class, hot name it. But for some reason I just can't seem to stay consistent with it! So my hope is to organize some sort of schedule for the upcoming year, so I can actually stick to it and reach my fitness goals!

I've noticed that I'm very critical about a lot of things. Now, it's definitely okay to have your opinion - in fact it's great to exercise your mind and form opinions on things, but I really think that sometimes I form opinions without knowing all the facts. OR, even worse, I think sometimes I'm critical when there's absolutely no need to be. So that's definitely something I'd like to work out, educating myself on things before I form opinions on them, and ensuring that if I don't have any nice to say I don't say anything at all.

Okay I'm seriously the worse for this! I'm so incredibly bad at waking up in the morning! I've found that if it's for something SUPER mandatory then I can, for example work or something. But when it's something I've planned for myself, or CLASS for instance..I usually end up not waking up and sometimes sleeping my day away! Thus, I really want to work on going to bed at a more decent time and start utilizing my mornings..this way it won't be such a struggle for me to wake up for things like work, because I'll already be used to it!

This is something I've wanted to do for a while, and I've tried my best to be better at it but I feel like work/school/friends always get in the way. And that's just so horrible. I love my grandmothers so much, they're both such different people. At the end of the day I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the both of them, so they mean the world to me. I really need to take more time out and make sure I'm not only calling them, but also going to see them more often - it's the least I can do and they deserve it. I never want them to feel alone or not loved or forgotten - not after everything they've done for me. 

I tend to get really busy with school and work. I end up buying the majority of my money on food, which doesn't need to happen. So next year, instead of buying food out all the time, I really want to start buying groceries and making healthier food at home. I have a veggie cookbook and I never use it! So I'd like to start. I also notice that I leave cleaning to the ABSOLUTE last minute. I absolutely will not clean my room/car anything until it REALLY needs it. This is horrible because  things tend to get messy and unorganized, which kills me because I hate it when things aren't organized! So I want to start cleaning as well on a more consistent basis, perhaps have a cleaning day once a week or something like that.

What are you New Year's Resolutions?