Saturday, February 23, 2013

Target Canada Launch!

I'm so glad I finally get to post about this! This event was super awesome! We weren't allowed to tweet or anything about it until AFTER it happened but it was so cool! Target is putting so much work into launching in Canada I'm sure It's gonna be amazing!

You can only see me in this video for a sec! haha But didn't that look awesome?!

There's another video here when you can see my friends and I a bit longer (we're the standing models).

And here are some more pics from the event:

Workin' hard!

Designers of the brands coming to Target Canada - and the CEO!


Is that not the coolest and smartest set up you've ever seen?!

Hanging out afterwards :)

I just loved these extensions so much..

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Spread in Suhaag!

I stopped posting spreads here for a while..BUT I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE! Hope you guys do too! It's in Suhaag Magazine :)

I love indian fashion! Here are some close ups of the make up and such from the day!

Photographer: Erwyn Lowen
Producer: Shobana Lakkavally
Make up: Delia Lupan


Drugstore Makeup Haul

Okay guys, so it's no secret that I don't know that much about makeup - and I never claimed for this to be a makeup blog. BUT, I do enjoy makeup, and I've been learning a thing or two here and there from getting my makeup done at shoots and stuff - SO, I figured I'd share with you guys some stuff I got at the drugstore! I tend to gravitate more to drugstore makeup products when I'm in a rush or just needing a couple things, because it's cheaper and what not. But when I need something specific I usually splurge a bit more! haha =P

Here's what I got this time around!

I've heard so much about this concealer! Makeup gurus on youtube rave about it, and I recently learned what concealer was like..a year ago..haha NOOB. But anyways, I'm always looking for new ones. So I got this one in the shade 220 - MEDIUM DARK because my skin is more on the dark side. So far I've tried it and on it's own I don't think it does much. HOWEVER, on top of my regular liquid concealer (which is from MAC) I think it does wonders to brighten up the area! So I'm looking forward to continuing to use it! It's a little more expensive than I normally would pay for something drugstore - but if it lasts a while then it'll be worth it!

I've been using the Revlon Photo Ready Powder for about a year, (because I don't use foundation and I prefer powder), but unfortunately I didn't like the colour and it ended up being a bit too light for me. Again I saw makeup gurus RAVING about this product so I had to try it out (marketing at it's finest haha!) and I LOVE IT. The colour suits me way better, it's 040 MEDIUM/DEEP, and it gives a nice smooth finish. This is about the most I would spend on drugstore makeup. And it was on sale! But again I don't wear makeup on a daily basis so I'm sure it'll last me a while!

I definitely have been needing a new mascara! Of course I went to this one because it was on sale haha! I don't have like a "go to" mascara, I just try lots of different ones all the time. And I find that I usually need to put on more than one type to get the full look that I like. This one does a good job at separating and elongating the lashes ut it doesn't give the thickness I'd like. So we'll see if I keep it.

Now I'm REALLY BAD at choosing lipsticks, I think as a coloured girl it's sometimes harder to find a lipstick colour that really works for us. This is a colour I wouldn't normally gravitate too - because I tend to go for darker colours on my lips. BUT, makeup artists have started using lighter colours on me, so I broke out of my shell a bit and decided to use this one. It's the colour 330 DIVINE. And you can see it's sort of a light purple. I'm getting used to it haha, I like it! Here's a picture of what it looks like, and on me as well:

Now I just really wanted to try this brand because my cousin has it and she loves it. I was surprised that it actually has great colour payoff. This is a colour I would normally go to, like a dark red. It would defs be a go-to colour for me. It's the colour 11 ROUGE À LEVRES. But I'm sloooooowly breaking out of my comfort-zone with lipstick. Here's what the colour looks like:

I'm actually the worst with removing makeup. It's bad,  I know. So when I saw these on sale I was like I have to get them. When I see them they remind me to take my makeup off! :)

Lastly I got these two nail polishes! I don't own any nail polishes from Essie, so I thought I would try them out since everyone seems to love them! Again, I don't like to spend over $10 on drugstore stuff, but I love these colours, so I figured I'd try them out. I got them in the colours PLAY DATE (LIGHT PURPLE) AND WICKED (DARK PURPLE).



PS. I also got hair ties but those are boring! LOL

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Candle collection and storage!

I've been hoarding candles lately. It's a problem, I know. I never really used to be into candles, but after I saw so many youtube gurus getting into it, I figured I'd try..and OMG I fell in love. I feel like they totally change the atmosphere of a room - the scent, the ambiance, everything, they just calm me down so much. Hence the obsession. Bath and Body works had a sale as well, 2 candles for $30 - which may seem expensive but these big candles burn FOREVER, and I love them. (Isn't it so crappy that it's 2 for $20 in the states?! It makes me sad!)

This is where I keep them stored, on my IKEA shelf in my room :)

Excuse the dust on my counter, I noticed after and dusted it off HAHA. Anyways this is the candle I'm currently burning. MMM it smells so good! Like a light scent of a margarita by the beach. So good, and subtle :)

Pink Sangria actually smells slightly citrus to me, which I love because I really love french scents. It's like citrus with a hint of sweetness. YUMMY!

This one is by far the most refreshing - it's very citrus smelling and I can't wait to burn it! I feel like it'll totally change the feeling of my room.

I bought these MINI Candles when I was first checking them out, just to see if I would like them or not because they were only 2 for $10 or something like that. I loved them...obviously! The only reason I didn't buy a big version of the Tiki Beach one is because it was just too subtle smelling, and I normally like really strong scents. So I went with the bigger version of Pink Sangria instead.

Peach Bellini..ugh..I can't say enough about this one. I tend not to be a HUGE fan of sweet scents, but this one is so good!

Now, normally I wouldn't have even checked these out but honestly I walked through the aisle and they smelled so good. And strong too! I was surprised! They were only $5 each which is also awesome considering they're pretty much the same size as the B&BW candles.

This Vanilla one smells divine - like a cake or something, it unbelievable I can't wait to burn it!

This Vanilla Spice one smells similar, except for..just like the name says..A LITTLE SPICE! It reminds me of a bakery or something, with cinnamon and cupcakes, so good and great for fall.

Last but not least, this Hazelnut Cream candle is my fave, even among the B&BW ones, it just smells so strong! I wanna eat it! It reminds me of like the yummiest coffee cake, or caramel or cookies - like anything you can think of with that kind of sweet, nutty kind of guys don't even know it smells like Werther's Original or something..I wanna eat it so bad. 

So, this is pretty much what they look like on my shelf:

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I know candles aren't for everyone, but I encourage you to buy a tiny one and see if you like the smell and the way it changes your room! Maybe you'll become obsessed like me!


Current fave Lancome products!

Here are some of the Lancome products I've been loving this month!

I start with this Lancôme Bienfait Multivital Sunscreen with SPF 30. I love it! Although it's a sunscreen it doesn't totally feel like one, it's super moisturizing, and I make sure I put it on on the days I'm not wearing make up, that way my face stays protected from the sun!

Next, I'm also loving this eye cream for "young looking" eyes. I put it under my eyes, either after the sunscreen (again on days that I'm not wearing makeup, or before I go to bed). I tend to notice slight differences under my eyes. It doesn't change the colour much, but I notice that it looks way less "puffy" the more that I use it.

It's not a thick formula at all, it's very clear and soft. I love it!

Hope you enjoyed!

Which products are YOU loving lately?


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Current favourite apps!

Here are the apps I've been LOVIN' so far this year!

Instagram has gotta be my #1! I can't get away from this app I just love it so much, I mean it's like picture after picture - I could just look at it forever! I follow some awesome accounts on this thing so I use it like crazy!

I always love Shazam - it's the ultimate brilliant app that people in the 90s wished for!! It exists! I've found the names to so many songs on this thing I can't even tell you!

I've been obsessed with this game for like the last 3 months and I'm STILL obsessed! Who would have thought managing your own little tower would actually be so fun?!

Seriously this alarm saves my life everyday. Except for the days I choose to continuously press ignore..

Banking from your phone? I mean I literally pay all of my bills with this little thing. I couldn't ask for it to be any easier!

PicStitch is AMAZEBALLS because you can add an awesome coloured border to your pics, and everything is in line - nothing looks messy and the pics can all be seen!

I usually follow up picstitch with BOKEHFUL because you can add cute shapes in different colour gradients to your pics! It's so easy and looks so awesome, I even use it to edit photos for my blog sometimes! These apps go REALLY well with instagram!! :)

What are your fave apps lately?