Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Current fave Lancome products!

Here are some of the Lancome products I've been loving this month!

I start with this Lancôme Bienfait Multivital Sunscreen with SPF 30. I love it! Although it's a sunscreen it doesn't totally feel like one, it's super moisturizing, and I make sure I put it on on the days I'm not wearing make up, that way my face stays protected from the sun!

Next, I'm also loving this eye cream for "young looking" eyes. I put it under my eyes, either after the sunscreen (again on days that I'm not wearing makeup, or before I go to bed). I tend to notice slight differences under my eyes. It doesn't change the colour much, but I notice that it looks way less "puffy" the more that I use it.

It's not a thick formula at all, it's very clear and soft. I love it!

Hope you enjoyed!

Which products are YOU loving lately?


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