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Hio!!! I’m Shivani, a 22-year-old student, model and blogger. I’m currently in Hamilton pursuing my second degree in French (my first is in Political Science). 

Aside from blogging, I love to dance, listen to music, watch movies and work at my school as the Advocacy Coordinator for my Student Union. I have an immense interest for fashion, which is of course amplified with my involvement in the fashion industry through modeling. I’m also quite interested in art (all types), technology, crafting and organizing. I’m also a huge nerd that loves school and learning.

I strive to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. I believe “everything in moderation” is my slogan, and I try to live by it. My friends and my family are most important to me, and I wouldn’t rather have anyone else by my side during my journey of life.

In the future, I’m not exactly sure what I see myself doing at the moment – hopefully travelling for modelling and continuing to blog. Eventually I would love to work for the government, as a policy analyst, changing policies to affect Canadians in the most positive way possible.



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Hi loves! I’m Varsha, but everyone usually calls me V J I am a 20 year old York university student majoring in BioMedical Science. After completing my undergrad, I hope to go to med school and eventually (after many years of residencies and fellowships) land a job in the ER. Secretly however, I’d rather be doing something in the Arts (shh!). But we’ll see where the future takes me!

I strongly believe that art is the thing that keeps us all going, so when I’m not trying to be a super studious student, I enjoy playing the guitar or piano while singing some tunes, drawing, crafting, blogging and of course spending time with my cousins and sister! I’m always on the look out for anything creative and fun to try.

I hope this blog can inspire all of you to be creative, use your imagination, be kind and most importantly be YOU. Spread the love babes!

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Hey Girlies! I’m Sonia! I am a 19 year old currently completing the Mohawk/McMaster Nursing Program. After finishing my undergrad I plan on doing my Masters of Nursing in hopes of working in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit. Helping sick little babies, what could be better?!

When I’m not in lectures or labs, I love to knit, crochet, read tons of books, and spend time with my family! My cousins and I are basically all like siblings, so it makes for a really good time! Everyone describes me as the “mother hen” of the group! If they want to know anyone’s birthday or where anything is, they come to me. But I also love to have a good time J I’m only 19 after all!

I am really into watching shows like Charmed, The Vampire Diaries and anything from the 90’s! If it’s about witchcraft, vampires or took place in the 1990’s you can count me in (Zack Morris or Cory Matthews anyone?).

With this blog, I hope you guys find things you relate to. Whether it be music, crafts, books, shows or something else you want to talk to us about! Know that we’re always here to help you guys out, give you some new ideas, and fan girl with you!

Live your lives to the fullest! 

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