Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Workout Wednesday | Alternatives to crunches and sit-ups!

Hey everyone! I found some cool alternatives to regular crunches and sit-ups that work your abs just as hard! If you're like me, when I first started working out I had no idea what to do in the gym. Then after getting a personal trainer and doing a lot of research I found out the best way to workout for my body and so many variations of different exercises!

For me, my stomach is one of my problem areas. I want to look more toned and lean. These exercises help with that!

NOTE: Before you start doing exercises make sure you warm up and do at least 15-20 minutes of cardio to get your heart rate up!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Music Monday: 2014 VMAs

Yesterday the year's most controversial awards show happened & here's your lowdown on the 2014 Video Music Awards.

Music Monday: Love Me Harder

Here's a tune to get your Monday started off right! It's a new one from Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Recipe | Easy Spinach Salad

As easy as it is to say, "I eat healthy food", it's actually (at least in my experience) pretty difficult to be creative, and make ACTUAL healthy for that tastes good. The more and workout and steer myself away from carbs and sugar, I started to find that there a number of different ways you could make a really yummy and healthy salad.

I saw some great healthy salads on Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram and I realized as long as certain flavours don't clash, you can pretty much mix anything raw or cooked into your salad and it'll taste pretty darn good.

So, I thought I'd share this one simple recipe that I concocted whilst I was traveling, and I ended up loving it and making it numerous times. It tasted great and I made sure it was healthy.

TIP: Try to keep all of the ingredients in your salad as raw and uncooked as possible, even when you slightly steam your vegetables they immediately start to lose enzymes and nutritional value, so keep that in mind!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Restaurant Review | Lola Rosa

Hey dolls! I'm not sure if you remember or not, but when I did my post about Montreal I said that I would do a Restaurant Review! Well, here it is! Out of all o the amazing places that I ate in Montreal, this place sticks out to me and has to be my favourite. 

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Recipe | Lazy Days White Wine Sangria

Hello my loves !

So this past weekend was very busy and tiring. It was caribana weekend in Toronto AND we had tickets to see One Direction, so we were all over the place ! Although I was sick, I couldn't resist going out and having a good time ! Well, it's Wednesday now and I'm still sick, feeling super lazy and really bored. Having leftover alcohol and some fruit laying around, I decided, why not make some sangria ?! :)

Personally, I prefer white wine sangria. I was so happy when I found some at home. If you don't have any white wine, red wine is just as good. I would just switch out the ginger ale for sprite :) This is super easy to make, you're basically just pouring everything in and mixing it together.