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Recipe | Lazy Days White Wine Sangria

Hello my loves !

So this past weekend was very busy and tiring. It was caribana weekend in Toronto AND we had tickets to see One Direction, so we were all over the place ! Although I was sick, I couldn't resist going out and having a good time ! Well, it's Wednesday now and I'm still sick, feeling super lazy and really bored. Having leftover alcohol and some fruit laying around, I decided, why not make some sangria ?! :)

Personally, I prefer white wine sangria. I was so happy when I found some at home. If you don't have any white wine, red wine is just as good. I would just switch out the ginger ale for sprite :) This is super easy to make, you're basically just pouring everything in and mixing it together.

What You Need:

White Wine
White Sugar
Ginger ale

So I read a couple different sangria recipes online and kind of just did something along the lines of that based on what I had at home. Honestly, I don't think the lemon or the sugar was necessary but taste yours and you can make adjustments as you go along. If you're unsure, leave the lemon and sugar for last to see if you need it. If you don't have blueberries, strawberries and apples, you could try peaches, raspberries or oranges :)  Let's get started ! 

  • Pour 1L (4 cups) of White Wine into a large pitcher.
  • Squeeze half a Lemon and mix the juice with the wine. (Like I mentioned above, not necessary)
  • Add 3oz of Gin to the pitcher. (Could also be left for last if you're unsure how strong you want the sangria to be). Mix well.
  • Wash and measure ½ cup of Blueberries and ½ cup of Strawberries. (I did frozen berries because I was feeling super lazy and they're already cold so it doesn't need to chill as long). Pour the berries into the pitcher. 
  • Wash and cut 2-3 Apples into slices. (I would suggest using 2. There's nothing wrong with 3, but it was a lot of apples in there). Add the apple slices into the mix. Go slowly so you don’t splash the wine everywhere :)  
  • Pour ½ cup of White Sugar into the pitcher. (Not necessary, it should be sweet enough). Mix everything together thoroughly.   
  • If the wine wasn’t already chilled (or if you aren't serving immediately/want it colder), place the pitcher in the refrigerator to chill. 
  • When you're ready to serve, pour 1.5L of chilled Ginger ale into the pitcher and mix well. (You can add more or less depending on how strong or how fizzy you want your sangria).

There you have it, a quick and easy way to make a white wine sangria ! Make sure the pitcher you have is large enough, I had to switch mine half way through ! Haha, hope you all enjoy :) Don't forget to check out our new printables section or click on the link below for a printable of the recipe ! 

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