Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Pet Peeves!

Pet Peeves, Dec 18 2010
Let me tell you some things that HARDCORE annoy me:
1. people who don't say please and thank you
Maybe I was just brought up this way, but always freaking say please and thank you, it takes NOTHING out of you and it shows appreciation and gratitude. Who the hell raised you? No matter where you are, a restaurant, a customer service desk, on the bus, SAY IT it's common courtesy.
2. people who are 13+ and have grammar and spelling problems
I'm from Trinidad, and of course our dialect of English isn't perfect. However, when I came to Canada I went to school just like EVERYONE else and learned proper English just like ANYONE else. I don't understand when people my age don't know the difference between you're and your. ARE YOU EFFING SERIOUS?! If someone who doesn't know the difference between they're and their ever calls someone else stupid I will kick them in the face. The next time I hear someone say "more easier" I'll purposely spill my hot chocolate on them.
3. competitive people
Why does everyone have to be so competitive these days? Why can't we all just pursue what we want in life and not worry about others? WHY!? Why do people feel the need to flaunt things in people's faces? GOOD FOR YOU, time for me to get back to my life.
4. people who judge situations without ANY previous knowledge
Who do you think you are? Actually, don't ASSume anything, because when it's explained you look like the idiot that jumps to conclusions. Why don't you hear/learn things from every angle then make your comments.
5. losing stuff 
I'm so careless. I always lose shit, and I'm trying to be way more careful about it. After losing my phone a couple times I realized how stupid it was. But even other things, i'm just like WHERE COULD IT HAVE GONE? so annoying.
6. stupid girls..just STUPID STUPID GIRLS
Where in the hell do you come from? Dress properly for the love of all that is holy. Try to do something that matters in the world, and stop being so dramatic. And beyond that, carry yourself appropriately and try with all your might to say something of SUBSTANCE, or I might have to shove you..just for fun.
**phew, that felt nice :)

Saturday, November 06, 2010

First Post! :)

First, Nov 5 2010
HI! My name's Shivani and I'm a student at McMaster University. I'm studying Political Science and French. I'm involved with A LOT of extra curricular things, all of which you'll hear about in the near future. Incase you're interested, I started this blog because I realize that well, I have a lot to say, and I had already been expressing this stuff on facebook, twitter, yfrog etc. And I'm interested in LOTS of different things. For example, weirdly enough: I'm just as interested in fashion as I am politics (werid combination, I know). Take a look at the link on top for the categories my posts will be broken into and ENJOY! :)