Thursday, August 21, 2014

Recipe | Easy Spinach Salad

As easy as it is to say, "I eat healthy food", it's actually (at least in my experience) pretty difficult to be creative, and make ACTUAL healthy for that tastes good. The more and workout and steer myself away from carbs and sugar, I started to find that there a number of different ways you could make a really yummy and healthy salad.

I saw some great healthy salads on Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram and I realized as long as certain flavours don't clash, you can pretty much mix anything raw or cooked into your salad and it'll taste pretty darn good.

So, I thought I'd share this one simple recipe that I concocted whilst I was traveling, and I ended up loving it and making it numerous times. It tasted great and I made sure it was healthy.

TIP: Try to keep all of the ingredients in your salad as raw and uncooked as possible, even when you slightly steam your vegetables they immediately start to lose enzymes and nutritional value, so keep that in mind!

- Spinach
- Corn
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Bell Peppers
- Carrots
- Beans
- Hummus
- Lemon (for dressing) or Balsamic Vinaigrette 

TIP: Make sure you read the nutritional value label on your hummus! Many companies that make dips such as hummus use unhealthy ingredients. Just be sure you're getting the most natural type possible (which should really only have chick peas in it!). *You should also do the same with your beans since they tend to have a lot of sodium in canned beans.*

And that's really it! It's pretty much all veggies! But sometimes it's just hard to know what to mix together. All of these are super healthy for you, adding in the beans for some protein and the hummus for a different texture. The lemon dressing adds a great taste in my opinion, without being as strong as a dressing. But of course if you're used to dressing, balsamic vinaigrette is always the better option. 

TIP: Replace regular iceberg or romaine lettuce with a healthier option such as SPINACH, ARUGULA or KALE. This way you're still getting the feeling of a body of lettuce in your salad, but it actually has way more nutritional value! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this! I'll be sure to post some more if I come up with any other healthy salad ideas. It seems so simple, but I found it so hard to sit there and actually think of what to add in it! I just had to share when I made one that actually tasted good. Let me know if you make it!!

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