Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Very mini lush haul!

As promised, here's my mini Lush haul! (on the same night too! That's how you know I don't want to study for exams..) I bought 3 items and got two samples from Lush last week! I love Lush products mainly because of the smell, but I also love that they're made with natural products so they're good for your skin, hair etc. Here's what I got: 


I've been wanting to try Lush shampoo for a while. I figured this would be the best one to start with because I have very fine, damaged hair - and the sales person said this one might be good to try! It of course smells wonderful, it's a very subtle fresh scent. So far I've only used it a couple times but it definitely has made my hair a lot less greasy and more smooth. 


I really got this because of the name. No I'm totally kidding. But it does sound cool! I mainly got this because I didn't want to mix another type of conditioner with the Lush shampoo, so I thought why not try one? It has an amazing lemon scent, quite fresh and strong! I apply this only to my roots and so far it gives my hair a very smooth texture and leaves it smelling great! 


This soap is kind of an inside joke between my cousins and I, but maybe I'll explain that another..ANYWAYS, it is my ABSOLUTE favourite soap in the entire world. It has this amazing fresh, citrus scent and scrubs the skin so well because it has actual bits of fruit in it! I prefer rougher soaps because I feel like they're actually cleaning my body!


When I mentioned that I liked rougher soaps the sales associate mentioned this soap..he said that it makes your skin very smooth because it scrubs away dead skin, dirt etc. So I thought why not get a sample - I haven't tried it yet but it has a very subtle soap smell, so it should be nice!


I COULDN'T GET MY EYES AWAY FROM THIS SOAP! The colours are just so damn vibrant and beautiful. You know how I love my fresh scents - and this soap is NO EXCEPTION. It smells wonderful! It has a strong lime and cypress scent, which is a great out-of-the-shower smell in my opinion. But jeez isn't it just SO PRETTY?!

That's it for now guys, I'm so excited to try these soaps and hopefully buy some full-sized ones..again I should probably go back to studying now..

I'm thinking of trying the BIG shampoo by Lush next. Has anyone used it?

What are your favourite Lush products?



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