Thursday, May 15, 2014

Trending Thursday | The Thoughts Room

Hello! Welcome to this week's Trending Thursday! Today we're featuring a website & app that isn't exactly trending, but is one that I definitely think should be. I found it years ago, and recently rediscovered it in my bookmarks. It's called The Thoughts Room

The Thoughts Room is an amazing concept created by Amitay Tweeto, an interface architect and the founder of The Quiet Place Project. The aim of this project is to give people a quiet place to think, write, and feel with absolutely no fear of judgement. There are no comments, no likes. No hashtags, or retweets.

Just a text bar, soothing music (which I just learned is the theme from GoT), and you.

In a world where we're constantly communicating - constantly sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions with each other - it's nice to have a place to say what you feel. REALLY feel. and for no one's eyes but your own. It has similar effects to keeping a journal, or a private blog.

However once you type the thoughts into the box, they disappear. No chance of anyone finding it and reading it. It's simply a place to get things off your chest, and experience moments of silence in a society filled with noise.

All too often people keep things in. Whether they're too busy trying to make it through the day, or they're embarrassed to talk to anyone about it, there are so many things that get left unsaid. These are the things that keep us awake at night, and make us feel like our head is literally pounding with thoughts.

So if ever you feel like your thoughts are too much to bear, be sure to stop by The Thoughts Room.

You can also visit Amitay on Twitter, Facebook, and his personal website. He's set on changing the world, and I think that's a wonderful thing.

Have a great Tuesday, loves.

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VineVarsha Maharajh

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