Saturday, May 31, 2014

Event | The Hip Haus

Hi everyone! We wanted to share with you all an amazing event happening monthly in Toronto! It's called The Hip Haus and we're so lucky to be on the team of awesome people that put it together. The first event took place on May 21st at Set Boutique in Toronto and it was a hit! Not only was it well attended but everyone left saying how happy they were that something like this was finally happening in Toronto!

So what is The Hip Haus? It's essentially a meet up for young professionals in Toronto. It was all started by the incredibly talented guys at Balantech, and the whole point is to help young people in Toronto make connections, empower each other and grow local business! Best of all..IT'S FREE!! Check our the website: for more information! 

The next event is happening on June 18th at The Richmond in Toronto, and we'd love to see you there!

Here at GNL we had the pleasure of working the door at the event last month, so we got to meet every single attendee. It was everyone from financial planners to real estate agents, social media experts to IT specialists, and just people looking to see what's out there! Professionals of all different professions and levels of employment were there, so it was a great mix of people!

There was a guest speaker, free food, giveaways and over 150 guests. We were ecstatic! If you have any questions we strongly suggest checking out the website and the brand new BLOG filled with tonnes of networking tips! :)

We had such a great time! From that one event alone, we met people who could help us grow our blog through social media, other bloggers to collaborate with, businesses who needed coverage of their events and even photographers to work with. It was truly an invaluable experience to have so many connections made in one place. You never know who you'll meet! 

Hopefully we'll see you next month dolls!! 

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