Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Glasses 'n Lashes @ Cocktails 'n Canvas!

Hello, lovelies! Last week Shivani and I had the pleasure of attending an event called “Cocktails n Canvas” (Yes, we were Glasses 'n Lashes at Cocktails 'n Canvas LOL). It was an amazing night full of food, laughter, wine, and creativity!

Cocktails n Canvas is a great company that organizes social painting events at various pubs & restaurants in the GTA. At each event they have a painting that the group will spend the night replicating. 

But don’t be discouraged; these events require no artistic experience AT ALL. There’s an instructor that teaches the group the entire night. It’s a very relaxed, social setting. The best part is you get to take your painting home with you at the end of the night! You get a great night out with a group of friends (and some newly made ones), and a piece of art for your home as a bonus. What could be better than that?

We both used to paint and draw when we were younger, and we're always looking for something fun and exciting to try. When Shivani saw an ad for this event we knew we had to try it out! We haven't seriously painted in years so naturally we were both super nervous. But the comfortable environment made us feel at ease and made it easy to get back into a hobby we love.

Our event was held at a pub in Mississauga called Failte Irish Pub. Once we arrived, we signed in and went to our table. There were paintbrushes, a big canvas on an easel and an apron waiting for us. After a short introduction, we got up to get our paint and the night took off! The artist went through step-by-step instructions which made it super easy to replicate the painting! I feel that lack of "skill" is what usually puts off first time painters from attending classes or parties such as this, but the environment was completely free of pressure or judgement, which allowed for a relaxed and fun evening. 

Hard at work! 
Hardly working?
The group!

Their events are great for every group. Whether it's a girls' night, date night or family fun, this is a great activity for everyone! It really was such a fun night, spent with amazing people. SO, get your creative juices flowing and attend or plan an event! They do both public and private events for all group sizes. For more information be sure to visit their website here! You can also check them out on their facebook page, twitter, and instagram.

If you attend an event, attach a picture and let us know about your experience in the comments section below!

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