Sunday, May 18, 2014

Event | Opening of Parloque with Flare Magazine

Hey guys!! Last week we went to the opening of an awesome new boutique downtown called Parloque. This event was held by Flare Magazine and we were so excited to be there! We were so in love with the layout of the store and the way the brands were organized. With a women's section in the front and a separate men's room in the back, all of the items were organized by designer and made it very easy to shop. What we also loved was that there were only a few items by each designer. This made shopping simple, and demonstrated how selective they were with what they chose to display and sell. 

It's no secret that Untitled & Co. is one of my favourite brands. I had an amazing time walking in their fashion show last month and I was so happy to see their stuff at Parloque!

All of the clothing items were unique and different, which we don't have a lot of in Toronto. Stores tend to keep it safe here, it was refreshing to see a company think out of the box and let Toronto be more edgy!

The night started off with awesome music, shopping and lots of appetizers and drinks! We also loved that this was an open event and not invite-only, it really opened up the event to the public and it was actually pretty surprising! But it was such a good idea, this way the general public (not just bloggers or media) actually had a chance to experience the opening and do some shopping first! After all, it's the general public that'll be shopping there. 

We also REALLY loved the decor of the store. It was simple, classy and unique. From the beautiful paintings to the signage and even the Flare posters, it all went together so well. 

I even walked out with a dress by one of my favourite designers, whitney eve! I hadn't yet seen her stuff in Canada, so I was super excited to see some of her pieces in Parloque! You can see the dress in the bottom left photo above, but I'll also do a proper #ootd with it soon! 

Flare also did a small presentation of some trends at the store, and a raffle for all of the attendees. Overall it was such a fun and successful event, all of the GNL girls had an awesome time! Thanks to Parloque and Flare Magazine for having us! 

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