Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Tech Tuesday - Focus: Life Gear by Trident

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you all the awesome opportunity I got to be a Brand Ambassador for Trident's Focus: Life Gear project. 

Now you may be thinking, that's kind of random - Trident putting on a fashion exhibit? And well the truth is, it is. How do chewing gum and clothing relate? in this day and age, people are getting s creative and companies are realizing that they need to do more innovative things since everyone has the same promotional capabilities through the internet. 

So, Trident came up with this awesome project. Research has shown that chewing gum helps you focus (temporarily) on the task at hand. Trident decided they were a brand that wanted to promote a distraction-free lifestyle with this idea. They teamed up with an amazing Japanese designer named Kunihiko Morinaga. Kunihiko is extremely innovative and modern, and uses techniques such as laser cutting to create his fashion-forward garments. 

He created a collection of garments with Radio Frequency shielding fabric, which disconnects mobile devices from receiving any signals, when they are in the pockets of these garments. Naturally, because he was also interested in the promotion of a focused lifestyle, Trident thought it would be a great collaboration and opportunity for cross-promotion. 

Currently, the exhibit is the only one in the world showcasing these garments. The garments are not for sale, as it is just a concept collection however, you can test out the fabric with sample pockets at the exhibit. The RF shielding fabric is made of a mix of copper and nickel, and is a little rough to the touch. 

The purpose of the exhibit is really to promote this distraction-free lifestyle. It's mean to create conversation around this idea, as well as the amazing designs and the way in which Kunihiko made this vision come to life through the clothing. The image above is my favourite garment. I love the style of the parka, I just think it's so flattering. But, I also think it's the most practical, because I dislike having my phone go off while I'm walking around in my jacket, I'd rather just focus on where I'm going and answering my texts/calls later. 

Take a look at the website: www.keeplifeinfocus.com for more information and don't forget to visit the exhibit until April 6th at 536 Queen St W if you're in the Toronto area! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! :)

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  1. I love these designs, do you have any idea if/when these items of clothing will be going on sale?