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Music Monday | Sleep Playlists

Music Monday: sleep playlist

Hi guys & dolls, welcome to Music Monday! I know I’ve been M.I.A for quite some time, but I’m back!  This Monday, I decided to do an MM on some songs that are great for relaxing and winding down late at night.

This generation, I feel, has an exceptionally hard time falling asleep at reasonable times or even winding down for that matter. We fall asleep when we should be awake, and we’re painfully awake when we should be asleep. This is largely due to the immense over stimulation in our daily lives. The technology we have constantly at our fingertips is changing our natural behaviour, and use of these devices at night is hindering our ability to fall asleep when we need to. ANYWAY enough science, this is Music Monday.

The fact that I’m up all night has lead me to create a sleep playlist in order to wind down from the days’ activities. Sleep playlists are also great for lazy days when you just wanna be alone, calm and collected.

Songs that are great to include usually:
·      Have a slow, steady tempo – dynamic, upbeat songs are too stimulating
·      Have a consistent volume – you don’t want to be constantly lowering and raising the volume, once you press play you should be able to lock your ipod and drift off into a nice slumber
·      Have minimal back beats – a lot of the songs I have on my playlist are acoustic or have very minimal drums/beats. If the your bopping your head along to the beat chances are you’re not sleeping
·      Are low toned – anything that gets too high/loud/crazy is going to keep your mind buzzing. I find lower toned songs will lull you to sleep in no time.

Here are some artists/songs to get your list running (most of which I have on mine!):

·      Ariana Grande –Almost is Never Enough
·      Bob Marley -No Woman No Cry
·      The Civil Wars –Posion & Wine, Girl With the Red Balloon, My Father’s Father
·      Colbie Caillat –Bubbly, Realize, I Wont, I Never Told You
·      Craig David -7 Days, Fill Me In
·      Carla Bruni -Quel qu’un Ma Dit
·      Drew Holcomb & The Neighborhood  -What Would I Do Without You
·      Drake –I Get Lonely Too, Doing It Wrong, Shut It Down, Fall For Your Type
·      Ed Sheeran – Basically the entire ‘+’ album, I See Fire
·      The Fray –Be Still, Happiness
·      Gregory Ivan Isakov -Big Black Car
·      John Legend – Best You Ever Had
·      John Mayer –Gravity, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, Stop This Train
·      Jesse McCartney – Right Back in the Water
·      Joss Stone – Tell Me What We’re Gonna’ Do Now
·      Jason Walker – Kiss Me, Down, Shouldn’t Be A Good in Goodbye
·      Justin Bieber – Yellow Raincoat, One Love, Hold Tight
·      Joseph SoMo –Take Care & The Trilogy Medleys, Ride
·      Lady Antebellum –Cold As Stone, Dancing Away With My Heart
·      One Direction –Little Things, Over Again, Half A Heart, You & I
·      Peter Bradley Adams -The Longer I Run
·      Taylor Swift –All Too Well, White Horse, Sad Beautiful Tragic, Last Kiss, Begin Again

Pick a genre or artist you find most relaxing and soothing and go that path! Whether it be more RnB focused, pop or folk. If it relaxes you then slap it on the playlist, put down your phones and laptops, and enjoy a good nights rest.

Sleep well, loves! 

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