Sunday, August 18, 2013

Save Up the Bucks!

Hello lovelies!
      In the upcoming months & years Sonia and I want to take a lot of trips! I am going to New York City with friends for my best friends birthday in October, we of course want to visit our sister in LONDON (check out her vlogs here! miss you shiv!), go to disneyland, and then VEGA$ with the girls for Sonia's 21st birthday!

      Needless to say, that's going to cost a LOT of money. a lot. and with us being students, and also loving to go out with friends & online shop, keeping our money can be kind of a hard task sometimes LOL! THEREFORE, we have resorted a little old school trick that we think will help us, and maybe you guys as well.

      On a debt show called "Til' Debt Do Us Part" here in Canada, the financial guru urges clients to live on a cash only diet in order to keep tangible track of how much money they're spending, and set aside jars, yes jars, of cash for things like entertainment, dining out etc... So we figured, if it works for people on the show we might as well adopt the idea and give it a try.

      Here's what we used:
- Tall Glass Jar: $2
- Homemade Labels: free

One: Buy glass jar 
Two: Put cute homemade label on 
Three: Cut out & stick white board surface on lid (I used a square from an erasable calendar, you could also laminate a piece of card) to write total on, if desired.

      Make interchangeable labels so that once you're done saving for one trip, you can use the same jar to save for others! Just change the white label on the front. 

     Now obviously, don't leave the jar lying around in plain sight. Having the money sitting there in front of you everyday might be a big test on your will power. also, duh, you don't want anyone else dipping their hands in your jar! 

     So keep it away, and only open it to put money IN. YOU CAN DO IT. It's pretty cool to see how much money you can quickly save up just by putting away some of the cash you get. just think of yourself laying on a beach sipping on margaritas, or hitting up the party scene in vegas and that should give you enough will to leave the money alone :)

      There you have it! A simple, old school way to put savings away without having it readily available to be delved into on your debit card. Plus, it's kinda cute! 

Save that money & have fun dolls! 

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