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How to Plan A Party in 2 Days

     HELLO beautiful people! So it’s nearing the end of summer (BOOOOOOOOO) and everyone’s gearing up to get back to school, internships, or whatever else floats your boat. 

    “BUT WHAT IF WE STILL WANT TO HANG OUT TOGETHER ONE LAST TIME?!?!” Have no fear, Glasses N’ Lashes is here to help you with all your last minute summer bash needs ;)


FIRST THING TO DO: ORGANIZE! Make a word document of everything related to your party! Also, find a group of people to help you! I enlisted the help of my sister, the Guest of Honour’s brother, my best friend, my cousin & his fiancée. You could do it solo if you’d like, BUT gathering a group will make the decision making, décor making and food making a whole lot easier LOL

This document will include:
·      Guest List
·      Venue/ Venue Options
·      Date & Time
·      Food & Beverages
·      Decorations
·      Anything else pertaining to your specific situation

SECOND THING TO DO: SECURE THE VENUE! There are tons of places you can decide to throw your last summer hoorah. Condo party rooms were our place of choice, however there are also restaurant private rooms, and the good old house/backyard party idea. Keep in mind, renting a place will cost a bit of extra moola, so budget for it!

THIRD THING TO DO: INVITE EVERYONE! There are many methods in which you can invite your party guests: text, facebook message, facebook group, and mailed invitations… ohkay the last one may not work for our “planned-in-two-days” party, but it’s a nice gesture LOL. We chose to text everyone we invited.

FOURTH THING TO DO: DÉCOR! Once you’ve made the list of food and decorations needed, and secured your venue, head out and purchase everything necessary for the décor (You’ll purchase the food items tomorrow, closer to the date of your party). DIY décor was the best in my situation, because I was on a limited budget, however if bought decorations are more your thing then go for it! DIY also allows you to make specific, personal things you may not be able to find in stores, BUT TOTALLY UP TO YOU!

For our London themed going away party I decided to make four things:
·      British Flags, for our box cake cupcakes
·      A banner
·      Crepe Paper Flowers, for table decoration
·      A Guestbook

I have short tutorials for these that’ll be posted right after this post! So stay tuned for that if you decide to DIY your décor!


FIRST THING TO DO:  BUY THE FOOD & DRINKS! You may want to gather your group for this one, since it’s going to be a lot of stuff to get! But again, you can do it solo if you wish. We decided that heading to Costco would be the most efficient and cost effective. Buying things in bulk ensures you get a lot of food, for the best price. Our menu consisted of grilled burgers and sausages, since it is the summer time. It doesn’t quite fit with the London theme, but hey… summer time is for grillin’! We also picked up buns, and cases of pop. At M&M meat shop, we picked up the hors d’oeuvres. Instead of making the food, ordering family or party size take out orders from a restaurant is also an option, however again keep in mind this may be the pricey-er option, so budget well!

SECOND THING TO DO:  PICK UP CUTLERY! While you’re out shopping for food, head to the dollar store to pick up cutlery, cups and table cloths. These come in so many different colors, so you’ll be sure to find some to match your theme (if you have one). You could pick this up on Day One while picking up the decorations, however it goes with the food so dealing with all the food stuff on the same day is easier.

THIRD THING TO DO: FINISH UP ANY LAST MINUTE DECORATIONS AND CHECK IN! After you’ve unloaded all of your groceries, use this time at the end of the day to touch up or finish any decorations, and check in with your group (if you have one).

**TIP** Regularly checking in with each other ensures everyone knows what’s happening, is informed of any changes/problems, and makes sure everything is on schedule! 


FIRST THING TO DO: START COOKIN’! You want to cook the food as close to the party time as preparation allows. The morning is usually better so that you can cook, get ready then head to the party. Using the oven to warm things up right before people show up is also helpful. We started grilling the burgers and baking the cupcakes the morning of, then transported them and heat them up at the party room venue later on.

SECOND THING TO DO: MAKE SURE YOUR MUSIC IS GOOD TO GO! Since the days of getting your cassettes or CD’s ready for a party are over, the music can be saved for the last day. THANKS ITUNES! Your itunes is full of music you love to listen to, so make a playlist of all your favourite summer jams and presto, instant DJ for your party.

THIRD THING TO DO: GET READY! This is one of the most enjoyable things (for girls atleast!) to do when attending or hosting a party. So put on some music and get yourself out of stress mode and into party mode! You’re almost at the finish line, so use this time to take a breather and make yourself party fabulous.

FOURTH THING TO DO: SET UP! This is the final thing you have to do before guests arrive! Set up the plates, cups, cutlery. Plug your laptop into the speakers and press play. Put out the food and desserts and put up all the decorations! Make sure everything’s exactly the way you pictured it J

            And voila! You’ve thrown together a rockin’ party in 48 hours, and are now ready to enjoy the last few days of summer sun with your favourite people! 

Plan your own party & enjoy the last few weeks of summer babes!

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