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DIY Party Décor

    So you’re planning to throw a quick party together (in two days maybe?), and you need some décor on a budget. Again, Glasses N’ Lashes is here to give you some quick and inexpensive party décor ideas.


What you’ll need:
·      Plain scrap book paper – as many as the number of letters in your word
·      Glitter scrap book paper – as many as the number of letters in your word
·      Glue Gun
·      Twine
·      Clothes Pins
·      Loose Glitter
·      Mod Podge
·      Wedge Brush
·      Scissors

You can get all of these items at your local craft store, like Michaels.

1.     Cut the plain scrapbook paper into triangle shapes. You can make them as big or as small as you want!
2.     Cut letters out of the glitter scrapbook paper. You can make the letters as big or as small as you want, as long as they fit into the center of the triangles you cut out earlier.
3.     Use the glue gun to glue the letters onto each individual triangle.

You’re done the “banner” part of the banner! Now onto the clothespin holders!

4.     Dip the wedge brush into the mod podge and paste onto either side of the clothespin.
5.     Hold the clothespins on the dry sides and sprinkle the loose glitter onto the pin, making sure the coat it in an even amount of glitter on each side. Lay down some sheets of paper, a paper plate, or a box cover before you start so you don’t make a mess!
6.     Leave them on the side to dry, and voila! You have cute glitter clothespins to hold up your sign!

Once you’re at the party, tape the twine up and pin each triangle onto the string!


What you’ll need:
·      Scrapbook paper – I used the left over banner paper J
·      Toothpicks
·      Glue Gun
·      Markers
·      Scissors

1.     Cut small rectangles out of the scrapbook paper. Make sure to fold the paper when cutting so you have a crease to put the toothpick in, and so you don’t have a one sided flag.
2.     Cut out the detail in another color of scrapbook paper. Our party was a London themed good-bye party, so I used red paper to make the union jack.
3.     Use the glue gun to glue the details onto the rectangle.
4.     Use the marker to add finishing touches to the flag. I used a white marker to finish off the union jack.
5.     Use the glue gun to put a strip of glue into the crease and on the inside of the flag. Place the tip of the toothpick inside the crease and close both sides of the flag onto the glue.

Once your cupcakes are done, stick the little flags in!

We did flags because we had a theme, but you can also write cute sayings or the flavours of the cupcakes with markers onto plain cutout rectangles to add a little something extra to the décor!


What you’ll need:
·      Tissue paper
·      Floral Wire
·      Scissors

1.     Count out 10 sheets of tissue paper, and cut the big sheet into a smaller rectangle. The bigger the rectangle, the bigger the flower, and vice versa.
2.     Accordion fold the whole rectangle, making the sections 1 inch wide.
3.     Once the rectangle is folded to the end, cut some floral wire and wrap it around the center of the accordion (with the flat side facing you).
4.     Turn the rectangle so the thin side is facing you, and fan the accordion out.
5.     One by one, start peeling the layers upward. Be sure to do this gently, as to not rip the delicate paper. Also, make sure sheets aren’t getting stuck together, and that you’re lifting only one sheet at a time. After a couple sheets are up, you should start to see the flower effect being created. It basically happens by itself!
6.     Repeat until you have as many flowers as you want!

Once the flowers are done you can use them to decorate the snack tables, use them as apart of a larger center piece, or even hang them!

There you have it! Three easy DIY décor ideas J These can all be easily personalized, so make them as personal as you want! The possibilities are endless. Until next time, enjoy decorating!

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