Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I MOVED TO LONDON! + Just started vlogging!

Hey darlings,

Guess what? I MOVED TO LONDON! Very sudden, I know. I got this amazing opportunity through my modelling agency, as well as an agency here in London, to come here and model for a while! I'm so excited to be here and I'm so sorry I didn't post sooner. I've already been very busy so I haven't had a tonne of time to take good pictures but I'll add the ones that I've had so far, and I'll always be updating with new posts.

In other news, I STARTED VLOGGING! I thought, what better way to capture all of my memories and also be able to share them with everyone! This way I don't need to update everyone separately and you guys can actually experience it with me! I know that I'm so lucky to have this opportunity, and I want to be able to take everyone on this journey with me! I'll try to always do blog posts along with each video, or at least update vlogs where I can also post the videos here to make them easy to find.

Here's a couple pics of what I've seen so far:

My new roommate Aneila and I, on our way to castings! She's awesome! She was on Germany's Next Top Model! :)

Me just waiting for the tube...

The red telephone booth everyone talks about!

Casting swag.

This beautiful courtyard is all offices! Wouldn't that be a cool place to work? You have to go around on the outside to get to the different units. I thought it was so beautiful.

Passing the bridge on the way to another casting, on a double decker bus!

So many awesome buildings on Liverpool Street.

Tower of London!

Tower Bridge!

Big Ben!

Westminster Abbey!

London at night.

The London Eye.

I haven't really gotten too much of a chance to travel yet because they keep the models so busy in London, but I was glad today to meet up with a friend from highschool, who now lives in London, and he took me around after some castings to go see some landmarks! I'll definitely update you guys with more pictures and such as soon as I get a chance! I'll put my last couple of vlogs down there as well so you can have a look :)

Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned!!

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  1. Yayyy that's so awesome, so proud of u shiv :) mae