Thursday, August 22, 2013

Revamp Your Room: Throw Pillows

    Helllllllo :) As we all know, I'm re-doing my room. It's been a slow process, but I'm finally getting the little touches that'll tie the room together.

     HENCE, this instalment of our Revamp Your Room Series: Throw Pillows. I love having tons of pillows on my bed. However, the cute throw pillows with monograms or quotes are all pretty much around the $25-$30 mark... SO I obviously decided to just make some myself! and here's how you can too :)

What You Need:

             - Cushion Cover: $4.99 IKEA 
             - Cushion: $4 IKEA
             - Fabric Paint 
             - Painter's Tape 
             - Brush
                 - exact-o-knife

ONE: Using the painter's tape, tape off the perimeter of the cushion cover.
TWO: Put a strip of tape right next to the first, then put a third piece of tape next to that one. Remove the second piece of tape. This is an easy way to keep border width even without having to measure. If you want a thicker border, use 2 or 3 tape widths instead of one!
THREE: Do this on all four sides.
FOUR: Place a newspaper inside the pillow to prevent any paint from seeping through. 

FIVE: Squeeze some fabric paint into the border and spread out.
SIX: After it's dry to the touch, peel off the tape. You should have a nice crisp border!

SEVEN: Repeat steps above to create second border (if desired) 
EIGHT: trace stencil of your initial in whatever style font you choose
NINE: Using an exacto knife, carefully score the initial out of the paper. 

NOTE: The thicker the paper, the easier and cleaner the stencil will be.

TEN: Using the painter's tape, tape the stencil onto the pillow and fill in with paint.

    There you have it! In ten steps you have a cute, personalized throw pillow for around $10. Sure beats $30 right?!? 

    And the best part is, since you're making it, you can write absolutely whatever you want on it! It doesn't have to just be monogrammed, you can choose a favourite quote, symbol, or even something you made up yourself! So get creative :)

Have fun designing! 

Twitter: @vmahh
Vine: Varsha Maharajh

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