Friday, August 23, 2013

DocYOUmentary Series - Post 1!

DocYOUmentary Series!
Hey everyone,
I’ve always been very obsessed with documentaries – I just love learning about things visually. Lately I’ve been watching a few really good ones so I figured I’d start a mini-series on it. So for the first post I’ll mention the last few that I’ve been watching, incase you want to get started on a documentary binge like me! And each post after this one will be basically a short review of a new one that I’ve watched. Hope you enjoy!

Mad Hot Ballroom

This is a totally sweet film documenting the lives of children in inner city New York who participate in a ballroom program within their schools. It’s pretty amazing to see the lives of the children, whose parent are pretty much all immigrants. It’s wonderful to see how the dance helps them form relationships, build teamwork skills and learn how to focus. It’s also quite interesting to see how the individual children are affected differently by their involvement in the program. This would be a great documentary to watch with younger family, to inspire them!

Beats, Rhymes and Life – The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest

If you love hip-hop, you probably love Tribe. And if you do, then you will DEFINITELY love this documentary. It outlines their lives before, during and after their music success as a group. Again, it’s very interesting to see the dynamics of the team, and watch how they’ve all grown throughout the years. It’s also quite intriguing to see how their music has progressed and how that’s changed them as people. This documentary talks about the music industry, and has commentary from some really awesome producers and fellow artists. I love Tribe, and this documentary taught me so much about them, which only made me love them more! Definitely check it out!

Picture Me

I love this documentary! The supermodel Sara Ziff stars in it and it’s very close to my heart because it documents the trials and tribulations of the modelling industry. It’s VERY up close and personal; her boyfriend, from the start of her modelling career right up until she decided to slow down a bit, shot all of the footage. It documents the wonderful ups, and the not so wonderful downs that the international modelling industry is a part of. It’s wonderful to see commentary from all of her friends, all of whom are real models – it’s very authentic and I love that about it. It’s very cool because it shows her building interest in model rights and even alludes to her starting her own labour union for models in New York. If you were at all interested in modelling this would be an awesome documentary to look at!

Take a look at those three for now, and look forward to the next docYOUmentary post!

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