Monday, April 29, 2013

Revamp Your Room: Graphic Art

Hello loves! Welcome to the second installment of the Revamp Your Room series! In our first post, we showed you how to give an old item a new take by simply using spray paint. In this post we’re tackling graphic wall art!

Graphic Art is super funky and is a great way to bring bright fun colours and cool shapes into your space!

For the graphic wall art project you’ll need:
·      Canvas, in whatever size you choose 
·      Three colours of acrylic paint
·      Painter’s tape
·      Paint Brushes
·      Sponge Brush

You can find all of these items at your local arts supplies store, such as “Michaels”. The canvas packages can range from $10-$25, depending on the number of canvases in a package. I got a 2-pack of 12x12 for $10, and it was 50% off! So keep an eye out for coupons and sales! The three bottles of paint I got at my local Walmart, for $1.97 each, and a package of paintbrushes (non-professional) and painter’s tape can be bought for around $6 each at your local art store.

Now that we have everything we need, let’s get started!

Step One: Using the sponge brush, paint the entire canvas in the colour of your choice.
Step Two: Use the painter’s tape to tape off a triangle shape in the middle of the canvas. You can use a ruler to be precise, or you can eyeball it!
Step Three: Paint the inside of the triangle with the second colour of your choice. Be sure to cover the entire area within to tape to ensure a nice solid line when you peel the tape off.
Step Four: After a couple of minutes, gently peel the tape off the canvas.
Step Five: With a thin paintbrush, touch up any areas that may have bled through the tape with the background colour.
Step Six: Once the triangle paint is dry, use the third colour of your choice to paint an image, or words, in the center of the triangle. I chose palm trees since it goes with the theme of my room, but you can choose anything you want! Initials would be another cute idea, and add a cool personal touch to the artwork.

And voila! In six easy steps you have yourself original graphic art. You can stop at one canvas or, like in my case, you can do a quote on one canvas in the middle, and two of the same print on either side! The limits are endless!  So get in touch with your creative side and decorate those walls with some funky graphic art!

Let us know if you try this funky DIY out and send us pictures in the comment box below! Xx

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