Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Review: Archangel's Consort

    Hello all, This review is going to be about the third book in Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series called Archangel's Consort.

    Before I start on the review this is the third book in a series and in order to really understand what is going on in this book you have to read the first 2 in the series, Angels' Blood and Archangel's Kiss.

    Elena and Raphael: So this third book in the series is once again about Elena and Raphael and I could not have been more happy or excited when I found that out, because as I am sure you all know by now that they are one of my most favourite fictional couples ever. This book takes place right after the events in book two and Elena is now back in New York for the first time since having been Made. In this book she is trying to get used to life back home as well as still trying to figure out the dynamics of her relationship with Raphael. They are still trying to learn their way around their new relationship and setting the foundation for their future. This book brings forth more of their personal issues, Elena's about her tragic past and Raphael his issues about this mother, and the role those things play in their lives together. By the end of this book Ms. Singh has managed to make me cal even more in love with Raphael than I though was possible. 

    Secondary Characters: In this book Raphael's mother comes to play a big role and it is interesting to see the impact that it has on Elena's and Raphael's relationship. As usual we see more of the members of Raphael's Seven Nassir is mentioned a few times in this book but we never really see him, as is the same with Galen. We do however see more of Aodhan and learn a little bit more about his past, I seriously can't wait until she makes a book for him but i have a feeling that i am not going to see it for some time. We also get more interaction between Elena and the members of the Seven and it is interesting to see how each of them interact with her as well as her place at Raphael's side. Venom, Aodhan, and Illium are still my favourite members of the Seven and the more I learn about them as the series goes on the more I can't wait for them to have a book of their own.

    Overall Review: For being the third book in I find that I am still very much intrigued by the characters and the world that Ms. Singh has created. While I think that the second book in the series was a little better this book is top notch with regards to the quality of the content that we are getting. By no means was I disappointed with this book at any time while I was reading it, it gave me everything i was looking for in a book and much more. All of the ingredients that are needed for a good book to keep and hold your attention is there, it is relatable in some way, shape or form, you can connect with the characters and in my case start to become a little bit emotionally connected to the characters and their lives. Over all Ms. Singh does not disappoint at all with this third amazing instalment of her Guild Hunter series.

    Side note: like with the other two books in this series this one contains strong sexual content, but just like I have said before it adds a lot to the growing relationship of Elena and Raphael, insight and emotions that we as readers would not have with out them.

    Next Review: The next review is going to be about the fourth book in Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series called Archangel's Blade. So until next time keep on reading!!!

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