Monday, April 22, 2013

Music Monday | Summer Jams

Heeeellllooo! SO, SUMMER’S ALMOST HERE! For those of you still writing exams, HANG IN THERE! You’ll be partying under the sun soon enough!

Since the weather has been warming up in our corner of the world my sister and I have become re-obsessed (truthfully we never actually stopped) with the song “Steal My Sunshine”, by LEN. It’s been on our minds, so we’ve been tweeting about it. Funny thing is LEN actually tweeted us back!

They’re super cool, which is probably why this track exudes just that. The minute this song comes on I feel like I’m no longer under the grey skies of the GTA, but rollin’ down the streets of Daytona on a vespa. Whether you’ve forgotten about it, or have never heard it before, it’ll definitely get you in the summer mood. Plus, the video is pretty awesome too!
The songs’ chill vibe and catchy melody make it the perfect throwback in the summertime, and are the reasons it’s on my list of best summer jams.

My next summer jam is the more recent “22”, by Taylor Swift. I fell in love with this song after the first time I heard it on the album. It was pure carefree, jam-out-with-your-girls, fun! It’s the kind of song you belt out when you’re with your girlfriends in the car, or when you “dress up like hipsters and make fun of your exes” LOL.
In the song she talks about forgetting the deadlines, and being “happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time”. All of the things everyone can totally relate to. We all want to forget reality for a bit, “ditch the whole scene” and dance like we’re 22. THEN the video came out, and it made me love the song even more. The confetti, the pool party, the CAT EARS! Everything about it made the song that much better. Whether you’re 12, 22, or 52, you’ll roll your windows down and belt it out.
The carefree, confident, life-loving vibe of the song is why it’s on my list of best summer jams. 

Here are some more songs to get you in the fun-loving summer mood:

·      Underneath It All – No Doubt
·      California Girls – Katy Perry
·      Fantasy – Mariah Carey
·      Ashtrays & Heartbreaks – Snoop Lion ft. Miley Cyrus
·      I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift
·      Party In The U.S.A – Miley Cyrus
·      Summergirls – LFO (90’s throwback!)
·      Teenage Dream – Katy Perry
·      T.G.I.F – Katy Perry

Summer is the season that makes us all a little happier and a lot more care free. So turn up the tunes, roll down those windows, and get yourself on an adventure! 

Tell us what songs get you pumped up for summer, or what your fun summer plans are in the comment box below!

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