Monday, April 01, 2013

Music Monday | The Civil Wars

     Hi Guys! The latter end of last year and the beginning of this year I’ve gotten more into folk and country music. So for this Music Monday, I wanted to share the album “Barton Hollow” by a band called The Civil Wars with you! 

     Songwriters Joy Williams and John Paul White make up this folk band, and use hauntingly beautiful melodies and amazing harmonies in every song on the album. I first took notice of this band when their song “Poison & Wine” was featured in the movie “Something Borrowed”. After listening to the song over and over, I decided to take a look at some of their others, and I was hooked. The combination of their voices and the raw nature of their songs was all I needed.

    I really love the fact that all I can hear are their two voices, and the minimal instruments they use. There is no feeling of over production, or too much going on. It has a very natural, relaxing, slow-paced feeling. My favourites off the album are definitely “I’ve Got This Friend”, “Barton Hollow”, which are two of the more “upbeat” tracks. “Barton Hollow” makes me feel like I’m in a really bad-ass, gritty, western movie, and “I’ve Got This Friend” makes me feel like I’m sitting on a front porch in the country side. Two of my other favourites are “Poison & Wine” and “The Girl With The Red Balloon”, which are two really slow, haunting tracks. If I’m caught in the right mood, “Poison & Wine” can usually get a tear or two outta me… LOL

     If you’re into the folk/country genre, or you’re looking to get into something new, check this band out!

     If you do, tell us what you think, or let us know what bands or artists you’re listening to in the comment box below!

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