Thursday, April 11, 2013

Restaurant Review: Lunch Box

Hey everyone! I know it's been a WHILE, and I apologize, school's been killin' me! I went to this super cute restaurant the other day and I thought they totally deserved a blog post because it was just that good!

I went to lunchbox @ 1731 Bloor St. West, yesterday, and I was so please with my experience! First, I love the branding of this restaurant. It's cute, consumer friendly and simple. It totally gives you the "school" feel, with the chalkboard look of the menus and their little details like lunch boxes in their display case!

We all know how I feel about details! So important! Aside from this, they have a VERY wide selection of food options and ALL DAY BREAKFAST, which I loved. As a vegetarian it's sometimes hard to find good options of food and restaurants, but it was so easy here - there we so many options!

It was also really affordable, and the staff was extremely friendly! Below is what I ordered, the JUNIOR LUNCH BOX: 2 eggs (any style), toast (any kind), homefries and your choice of side..ALL FOR $8! Not bad eh?

If you're downtown and looking for a quick bite or all day breaky, this is the place to be! It has a very comforting at-home feel, making it obvious that for some people it's probably their everyday spot. I'm thinking of making it mine too!

Enjoy and be sure to stop by Lunchbox soon!

Another cute detail:


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