Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Workout Wednesday – Two new moves for your lower bod!

1)   Squats with a big exercise ball
-       I love squats! They’re so good for your whole body. I like to add some sort of weight/dynamics to my upper half when squatting to really get a full body workout. Adding an exercise ball helps to tone your arms. It also helps with your balance and form.
-       When I drop it like it’s squat, I really feel it in my core, legs and glutes. I find that adding the exercise ball is awesome and I really feel it in my arms after only about 5 or 6 squats. Clearly I need some more arm strength!
-       Remember to:
o   Squeeze your glutes and core!
o   Don’t go too low, by bending your knees too much and hyperextending!
o   Don’t straighten your legs too fast take your time!

2)   Suspension training for legs and glutes
-       Machines with weights and suspension always give me the best results! Whether it’s a Total gym or any other type of “TRX” type machine. By doing regular exercises and adding the weight and suspension, you’re really taking your training to the next level.
-       These moves are similar to being on all fours and extending your leg or kicking it upwards. (When all on all fours it’s also really great to add ankle weights! These moves also really help to tone your legs and butt. But you may not realize, they’re also really important for your core!
-       Remember to:
o   Stand as straight as possible, and sweep your leg backwards without bending it or raising it so high that you start to bend over. This really helped me tone my legs and butt.
o   Try to also use your glutes and squeeze, squeeze as your raise that leg!
o   If you want to really focus on your glutes, bend your leg and kick it backwards as you raise it. Be sure to keep your core tight throughout all of this as well.

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