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Here’s my guideline for holiday outfits based on some awesome stores I’ve come across in London! For most of these stores you can also order online and ship to Canada/US so you’ll be able to get your hands on one if you want to! I’m going to include a wide array of styles here, to accommodate different people and the different events you may have to attend! Here we go:

After I started working for Lipsy I realize how much they really specialize in dresses! They tend to be on the sexier side but it’s always easy to find something that’ll stand out.
CASUAL – Lipsy Everyday Fashion Pu Trim Dress
This is the perfect casual dress for a Christmas Eve dinner or any chilled event. It’s a dress, so it still shows effort but it’s plain so it’s not overdoing it. Throw some tights and booties on, and your’e good to go!
DRESSY – Lipsy Lace Peplum Bandeau Dress
If you’re looking for something fancy, this is it! It’s a little over the top, could be perfect for a New Year’s Eve party! It has a really flattering shape for any body type and a beautiful pattern to add extra umph!
SEXY – Hedonia Halterneck Bodycon Plunge Neck Dress

I think this is the perfect dress for an office holiday party. It’s definitely skin-tight and sexy, but wouldn’t you wanna wear something different than work clothes around your co-workers? The length gives is a touch of refinement, and the plunging neckline reveals just enough!

This is another brand I started working for and realized how much I adore their clothes! They’re very chic, simple and comfortable. If you want something understated and gorgeous, Oasis is the way to go.
COMFY – Colourblock Sweater Dress
I love this dress for coffee with a friend, or even a Secret Santa party. It’s comfy but cute and you won’t need to worry about keeping warm!
DAINTY – Cutwork Full Skirt
I’m so in love with these full skirts lately! I’ve been seeing them in a lot of stores and I just think they’re so dainty and elegant looking! It’d be perfect a winter tea date or going to see a play! (People do that in the winter too...right?).
UNIQUE – The Pearl Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are making a comeback! You wouldn’t think of wearing one of the holidays but, they’re so easy to wear and easy to dress up or down, depending on the mood you’re in. This could be for anything from a work party to a classy New Year’s Eve banquet. I’m loving the versatility with jumpsuits this season.

I love this brand! It has so much variety: from sexy to chic, Missguided is just really well rounded, and sexy in a sophisticated way. It’s kind of the middleground between Oasis (super chic) and Lipsy (super sexy), so I thought I’d put it last!            
MATCHING – Metallic Brocade Floral Bralet/Skirt Teal
Separates are here to stay! This trend emerged last year and it’s still in! I love it. I think it looks so cool and just something a little different than your average dress. Of course they’re versatile as you can wear them apart but there’s something so endearing about wearing them together. It just makes the outfit automatically interesting.
FUNKY – Bey Black Sequin Disc Dress
Why not funk it up? You could totally wear this dress to a themed holiday party or even to Christmas dinner if you’re feeling daring. Why not? Change it up and make those family photos interesting this year!
TEXTURED – Genuine Velvet Lace Hem Runner Short Burgundy
Velvet seems to be everywhere lately. They’re so unexpected with these short and tey look great! Texture adds so much dynamism to an outfit. In this case, it also looks a bit edgy which is cool, and throwing a new style onto holiday-wear. I’m into it!

What are you thinking of wearing this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!!

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