Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12 Days of Christmas | 7 Things to Get as Stocking Stuffers This Year !

helllllooo everyone ! :)

Welcome to day 3 of GnL's 12 Days of Christmas ! Can you believe Christmas is almost here ? Im so excited but that also means trying to find cute little things to get your friends/family for stocking stuffers. Here's our list of 7 Stocking Stuffers to get this year :)


1) Lip Balms

It's winter and let's be honest, you can never have enough of these. It's cold out and nobody likes having dry lips, who wouldn't want soft lips in the winter ? I have about 4 right now and I have never finished a lip balm, I'm always losing them. For $2-$4, you can have a stocking stuffer that everyone needs. 

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2) Mini Candles

These cute mini candles are the perfect size to throw into a stocking. At $4.50 for one or three for $12 you can get different candles with wonderful scents for a great price. They look really cute and smell great ! What else do you need ? 


3) CDs and DVDs

Have you ever seen those $5 bins full of cds and movies at Walmart or Best Buy ? These are the perfect things to get for a stocking stuffer. Everyone loves some good music and movies. Get someone a new CD to play in the car or a classic movie they can watch over the winter break. You could also check HMV, Target or Future Shop. 


4) Lottery Tickets

Lottery tickets because it's always nice to have a shot at winning some extra cash, especially over the holiday season ! 


5) Tea

We all know I'm a tea lover so obviously these would have to be on my list ! David's Tea has tea filled mittens or ornaments (festive) and loose leaf or bagged teas in tins all for $6 each or $9.50 for the mitten. They come in a variety of flavours and they're the perfect size for sampling new teas :) 


6) Smart Phone Gloves

We bought these this year at Aldo and they are great ! I know longer need to take off my gloves in the middle of winter to send a message or check the bus schedule. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for any busy teen who can't keep their hands off their smart phone. Aldo has them for $12 which is already a good price but if you catch them on sale like we did, they really are a great deal. 


7) Pjs

Last but not least, pyjamas ! These can be a little more pricey if you get a pj set but buying the bottoms alone would be a bit cheaper. Forever 21 has cute sets and nightdresses from $12-$15. You could also check out Walmart, PINK, or target for funky pj bottoms :) 


That's our list for this year, let us know in the comments below what other cool items you guys picked up as stocking stuffers this year :) Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas Series ! 

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