Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#WCW | Sophia Bush

Helllllllo! This #WCW we’re featuring Actress/Director, Activist & all around amazing human being, Sophia Bush.

We at GNL know this brunette beaut from our favourite WB show “One Tree Hill”, on which she played the sassy & popular Brooke Davis. Since then, she’s gone on to do a slew of other things, and most recently landed the role of Detective Erin Lindsay on NBC’s “Chicago PD”. 

As amazing as she is on the small screen, Sophia is even more amazing IRL. She lends her time, money and, most importantly, her voice to various organizations such as Global Green, I Am That Girl & The Human Rights Campaign. So we’re here to not only shed some light on what a kick ass woman she is, but also spotlight some of the many causes that are important to her.

Global Green is an organization devoted to shedding light on environmental issues and helping the world as whole move towards a sustainable future. They’ve launched an array of programs all over the US to aid in the clean up of our planet. Sophia ran a campaign on her CrowRise page (link at the end) to fund clean up of an oil spill in The Gulf. There are a number of programs, and a number of ways to get involved. Visit their website for more info, and follow them on Twitter for great tips & updates!

I Am That Girl is, to quote their website, “A community, a support system, and a movement inspiring girls to LOVE, EXPRESS, and BE who they are”. Sophia is extremely passionate about woman empowerment. She’s all about the GIRL POWER (break out into whatever your fave spice girls song is right about now). I Am That Girl provides a place for girls to speak and express themselves freely, get educated about and discuss relevant topics, and empower themselves and others. It’s a place for any and every girl, to realize their self-worth. Take one look at their website, and you’ll see it’s a place of absolute l o v e & inspiration. There’s even a pledge for the guys called “I Am That Guy”. So, fellas, head on over and “Be That Guy”. To get involved there are local chapters you can be apart of (or you can start your own), take the pledge, donate, wear their merch to show your support, or simply spread the word about it! Sophia is an active supporter of this community and even raised funds in 2013 to raise awareness and show her support. She exudes everything this community is about, and I’m so happy that she’s using her voice to help get girls on the journey to loving themselves, and each other. To find out more, check out their website (and Sophia’s tag) and follow them on Twitter!

The Human Rights Campaign is an organization that works for LGBTQ+ equal rights.  Their goal is to create a world where members of this community feel safe, loved, and are allowed the freedoms that are rightfully theirs. Equality is, confusingly enough, still a major issue, and the HRC is determined to make sure that everyone gets given their basic Human Rights. Their right to live, their right to love, and their right to feel comfortable with who they are. Sophia has designed a (very cute) tee in collaboration with Joe Fresh, and 100% of the proceeds will go to benefit the HRC! It features a cool graphic design with a beautiful meaning behind it. You learn more about The Human Rights Campaign on their website, and check out Sophia’s tee here!

We’ve l o v e d Sophia Bush for what seems like forever (and who wouldn’t to be honest). She entertains us on the small screen, and inspires us off of it. She uses her voice to spread messages of love, equality and empowerment. She’s a beautiful woman, with a beautiful soul. That’s why Sophia Bush is (and will forever be) our #WCW.

Follow Sophia on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, and check out more of her causes on her CrowdRise page.

Have a great Wednesday, and keep aspiring to inspire!  

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