Sunday, September 14, 2014

SHIVANI | 10 Things I Want To Tell My Younger Self!

Here's some things I wish I knew, or wish someone told me when I was younger. They're just little things I wish I could change, or could have somehow heard my future self say. I don't regret anything at all, that's not what this post is about - it's just about advice I would have given myself back then if I had the chance. 
  1. Just stop worrying. Stop worrying about your marks, or what your friends think, or boys. Just relax Shivani. You're such a worrywart! Let yourself go and just let things be. 
  2. On that note, realize that you can say no to things. You don't need to do every favour people ask for, or join every club/organization, take some more time to focus instead of splitting yourself a million ways.
  3. Fight the power a little more. Sometimes you get a bit complacent, don't be afraid to speak up or challenge something. For some reason when you were even younger you'd say what you wanted without caring what people thought. Somewhere along the way you lost that. You don't always have to be neutral.
  4. It's okay if you don't have a set plan for the next five years, or if your plan changes! Don't worry. You'll soon realize that everything will unfold as it should. You can't plan everything in life! Just always be positive and keep your head in the game. I'm not saying don't plan, I'm saying it's okay if you don't know exactly what you future entails, it can be exciting! 
  5. Not everyone is going to like you, and that's okay. You're not meant to be friends with everyone. You won't get along with certain people and certain friendships may not turn out the way you thought they would. Girl, it's cool. Whoever is meant to be in your life will be in it. There's no use in overanalyzing. 
  6. Maybe don't focus so much on making memories, or which memories you should make..just go out and make them! 
  7. You're losing yourself in other people, the reflection of other people and what others think of you. You don't need to depend so much on others to be who you are. You usually come off really confident, so start to actually feel that way.
  8. Don't worry about impressing people, or saying things to seem a certain way. Just be yourself. You'll figure it out along the way.
  9. Sit down and have the boy talk with your parents. Trust me it'll help you later on. They're not gonna do it themselves, just do it. Be a woMAN and do it.
  10. Spend more time alone. You'll learn way more about yourself, the easy way. 
What would you tell your younger self if you had the chance? 

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