Monday, September 29, 2014

Music Monday | Steal My Girl

HELLLLO! It’s a beautiful Monday for two reasons: the sun is out & One Direction released their first single off of ‘Four’. Earlier this month they surprised everyone with a free download of their track ‘Fireproof’ and have now released the official first single from the new album.

They released a 19 second clip of the song last week, and I’ll admit I was confused. After hearing the acoustic, Eagles-y vibe of ‘Fireproof’ I was surprised at how pop-ish the clip sounded. It reminded me of a Westlife kind of tune, and the entire group singing the chorus kind of reminded me of their X-Factor days.

Some fans were freaking out, others were extremely disappointed. I was kind of in the middle. I liked it because I was a One Direction fan, and we had new music. However, I feared that new fans that came on board because of ‘Fireproof’ would jump ship.

But, it was only a 19 second clip and I knew I couldn’t judge the entire song based off of it, muchless condemn a whole album. Although the chorus was catchy and I liked it, I wasn’t sure of it. Especially as their first single.

Well, it got leaked the night of the 27th (Surprise, Surprise. Could we not have waited one day guys?) and got officially released today.

Here are some thoughts:

· Intro sounds a tad 80’s-ish (a la Journey) 
· Didn’t really like the choppiness of the verses, but it really grew on me and now I get the vibe
· “I KNOOOOOW, I KNOOOOOW, I KNOOOOOW” has now since been inducted into my way of speaking and I will never say those two words any other way, thanks Niall
· The chorus is super catchy, you’ll definitely be belting this out when you hear it on the radio
· This will sound sick in the stadium when they sing it on tour 
· I wish they changed the second part of the chorus instead of repeating it
· the na na na's are back.. 
·  LIAM talking about jeans, again. HELP.
·  LOUIS TOMLINSON. That “Alright” will be forever burned into my memory
· ZAYN MALIK riffing over the choruses at the end is the best thing to happen, probably ever, and it’s beautiful (just like he is) #TGFZM 
· Overall it’s like their old pop stuff, but with a more mature sound? A bit more of an edge. 

I'm definitely going to be listening to this for the next little while. The more I listen to it, the more i like it. Although I still think ‘Fireproof’ would have been a better release in terms of gaining a new audience, and catchy doesn’t always mean good, ‘Steal My Girl’ is a pop song that’ll get you singing. What’s wrong with that, right? I can't wait to see the video, and I hope the track does extremely well on the radio. The boys deserve it. 

Take a listen for yourselves!

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