Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Trend Trunk and Blogger Fashion Week!

Hey dolls,
Last summer I had the awesome opportunity to work for a cool company called Trend Trunk! I never got to do a post about them before so I figured I'd do one now - and tell you about how GNL is working with them this month.

First things first. What is Trend Trunk? Well, Trend Trunk is like an online consignment store, where you and sell your unwanted clothing/jewelry/shoes, and also buy from other people at an affordable price! It sounds a lot like ebay right? WRONG. Because of TT's amazing shipping policy, members never have to worry about buying stamps or paying weird amounts for shipping. A simple $8 shipping fee is added to any item posted, and when the buyer purchases an item, the seller gets a pre-made shipping label they can print out and use to ship the item.

In this way, TT is different and so much more accessible than other websites like kijiji and such, because there's no need for awkward meet-ups or worrying about buying stamps. It's all taken care of - stress free. And that's what I love about TT, it's so consumer friendly. I myself have bought items from the website before and always received them without a problem.

Now it's my turn to start selling some items! It's a great way to help contribute to the sustainable fashion movement and make a bit of cash! GNL was asked to be a part of Blogger Fashion Week with TT and we couldn't be more excited! Blogger Fashion Week is an online event put on by TT, and it's already started! Members have the chance to check out some cool blogs (different blogs are launched every day) AND you can get the chance to check out some of the bloggers closets! It's a great way to get more exposure for blogs and get a look at some cool closets with items you might want to purchase!

We're so excited for GNL to be launched, especially with our new layout and theme for our blog! We can't tell you which day we're being launched, it's a surprise! But you can be sure we'll have some great content up for you guys to read and some awesome clothing/jewelry/shoes from our closets that you can take a look at as well!

You can be sure to see some more posts about our closets, but also look forward to some of our HOLIDAY related posts, there may even be a series coming your way ;)

Toodles lovelies,

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