Monday, December 16, 2013

'12 Days of Christmas' Day 3: Winter Beauty and Accessory Essentials!

Hey guys! Welcome to DAY 3 of our '12 days of Christmas' Holiday Series!
We've already shown you our fashion essentials, now it's time to get into some beauty, accessory and random essentials for this winter wonderland we're all experiencing.

First let's start off with some practical beauty essentials..

1) MOISTURIZER - It's so important to keep our skin (and face) moisturized throughout the cold weather! I'm loving this Moonlight Path Body Cream from Bath and Body Works! 
2) LIP BALM - Don't forget about those lips! The EOS lip balms are my fave for winter because they truly moisturize and protect my lips from the cold weather. 
3) HAIR OIL - It's so easy for hair to get dry and damaged in the winter. Using Moroccan Oil will help to keep your hair hydrated and protected through all that harsh weather! 

Now on to some not so practical beauty essentials..

4) LIPSTICK - Winter time is when we get to bust out those dark, deep and dramatic colours for our lippies! This is my Vino by Victoria's Secret lipstick and it's my go to winter shade, because it's the perfect dark plum colour.
5) NAIL POLISH - I also love to break out dark and dramatic nail polishes for winter! This is Wicked by Essie and it's my favourite shade to wear to add some boldness to my nails for the winter time.

And some accessories..

6) BOOTS - You can't survive a Canadian winter without some serious boots! These Original Tall Rain Boots by Hunter may be meant for rain, but they seriously protect from the snow as well, and they're the only boots I wear in the winter because I know my feet will be nice and warm while walking through the snow.
7) SCARVES - Scarves are my fave accessory in general, but definitely a must-have for the winter. This is my Knitted Infinity Scarf from Gap and it's the warmest scarf ever! It's pretty stylish too ;)
8) MITTENS - Mittens are another must! You can't have cold hands! These are some mittens by Roots Canada from the Olympic Accessories Line. They're seriously the best mittens and I don't walk out of the house without a pair!
9) HATS - This is a toque from the Olympic Accessories Line by Roots Canada. It's not only cute, but also keeps your ears and heard super warm and protected against the snow and wind! 

And some random essentials..

10) CANDLES - Now if you know me, you know I'm obsessed with candles all year round. But they're especially needed in the winter to keep us warm, cozy and keep the house smelling festive. This Frosted Cranberry Candle by Slatkin and Co. is the perfect winter scent and gets me in the mood to cozy up in bed and watch Christmas movies! 
11) TEA - Again, another essential all year round but, when it's that cold outside you just wanna run in and sip on something hot! This Chocolate Rocket Tea by David's Tea has been hitting the spot for me lately. It keeps me nice and toasty after being outside in the cold. It doesn't hurt that it tastes like chocolate either! 

So there you have our TOP 11 (I couldn't choose just 10) beauty, accessory and random essentials for this holiday season! What are some of your faves? Let us know in the comments below! 

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