Friday, December 20, 2013

'12 Days of Christmas' Day 7: Holiday Nails!

Hello Dolls! Welcome back to our 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Series! 

Today we're covering some cute holiday nail ideas. We know it can get super busy around the holiday season, so these quick nail ideas are perf! They all can be done in two steps or less, so when you're pressed for time ten minutes before that work holiday party, we've got you covered! 

One: Paint your nails a white base colour. Once dry, use a pure glitter nail polish (silver & gold look are my faves with white, but go for any colour you like!) and start from the base of the nail upward. Don't go all the way up! You want the glitter to fade into the white. Once you have one layer of glitter about half way up the nail, start putting more glitter towards the base of the nail to create an ombré effect. You can't really see the fade in the picture, but theres a fade from glitter to white at the top!

Two: Paint your nails a red base colour. I used a glitter red, but you can use a regular or matte one as well. Once dry, use a thin brush in white nail polish and swipe it from the left bottom corner of the nail to the right top corner. Do this multiple times to create diagonal stripes going across the nail. This will give it the candy cane effect! I usually start with the middle stripe and do then do the sides. That way it's easier to make them evenly spaced out!

Third: Paint your nails a navy base colour. Once dry, use a thin brush in white nail polish to put various sized dots on your nail. You can also use a professional dotting tool, that you can pick up at any beauty or drug store, to make to the dots as well. Voila! Cute snowflake nails :)

The last two are super easy. This holiday season you can opt for a girly full-glitter look, or a classic winter-chic burgundy or black shade! 

Four: Nothing says "Deck the Halls" like tons of glitter! Channel the tinsel look by going full-on glitter this winter break!

Five: Personally, I absolutely love when girls sport dark nails. I think it's the most chic thing. My toes are black most of the year. Whether it's lacquered or matte a deep shade of forest green, burgundy, navy or black is sure to add that perfectly polished touch to every outfit you wear this season. 

Now throw some clear top coat on those nails (shiny or matte), and you're ready to hit the holiday party scene! Have fun and be safe! 

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VineVarsha Maharajh

Try any of these out? Make sure to take pictures and post em' in the comment box below! Happy polishing girls!  

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