Friday, May 03, 2013

Summertime Sunglasses!

Hey loves!

It's starting to feel like summer! The sun is out and the weather is gorgeous :)

Even though I love that it's beautiful outside, the sun can be kind of blinding and annoying, especially when you're driving. If you're like me and need glasses occasionally, prescription sunglasses are amazing. The ones I got fit so nicely and I'm really glad I bought them.

I just got these blue Tiffany Sunglasses, they look black but it's actually a deep blue:

Aside from a hard case and a pretty little box to take it home in, they also came with a Tiffany's glasses cloth bag, a cloth to clean your lens and the non-prescription display lens. I like having the display lens because other people can use my sunglasses too and when I don't need the prescription lens, I can switch them out! :)

Enjoy the nice weather my darlings!

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