Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Current hair care must haves!

Hey lovelies! Today I wanted to give you a little update on the hair care products that I've been using lately that I JUST CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT! It should be noted that I don't use all of these everyday, but I'll explain when and why I use them under every post! :) 

With the amount of HEAT people use on their hair these day, you MUST MUST MUST have a product for Climate Control!! This is the Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel by OUIDAD. I actually got this product as a gift from Sephora (you know when you have a certain amount of points or It's great because it works as a protectant but also as an anti-frizz! It's awesome to put it in when your hair is wet because it makes such a difference as you dry! 

Another must have that I feel is OBVIOUS is DRY SHAMPOO! This stuff is just awesome, even right after I've blow dried my hair I spray some on because it just makes your hair feel so good! This one is the Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. Again I was a lucky girl and got this with my Little Black Bag as one of their extra gifts! I was so pleased to get it because I've never tried dry shampoo before..and this one is just amazing. It gives great volume and has an awesome smell. I've used it on day 3 hair numerous times - it always just gives you that extra day by getting rid of greasiness and making your hair that much more workable on an otherwise bad hair day!

Volumizing shampoo is SO important for us girls with fine/thin hair. I love this shampoo by LUSH, it's the BIG shampoo - and rightfully named! It's kind of expensive but it lasts a while so it makes it worth it! This shampoo has sea salt in it, and it totally helps to give your hair some body and volume. It feels awesome too because it's not your average shampoo. The formula is REALLY different, so it really feels like it's massaging your head before it lathers up!

Lately I've gotten into these Deep Recovery Hair Masks. This one is by Cynos, it's their Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask and it's for all types of hair. I was always really skeptical of heavy conditioners because I have very thin hair, and I've always been told by my hairdressers to only put conditioner on the ends of my hair. BUT, I found this deep recovery hair mask, which I only use about once a week, and I can IMMEDIATELY feel the difference in my hair. I put it in from my roots to my ends, after shampooing my hair and leave it in for about 2 mins before rinsing it out. It makes my hair so much softer and smoother as soon as I wash it out. There are tonnes out there, I recommend at least trying one to see if you feel the difference in your hair! 

Sometimes, even after putting in serum and anti-frizz your hair still needs a little pick me up of shine! That's what this polisher does! This is the Sheer Brilliance Polisher by RUSK and it works great! The formula is very thin, almost like water! So you don't feel like it's weighing down your hair or making it greasy. I just squirt a little bit into my palm, like two or three drops, and run it all through my hair. It makes my hair EXTRA shiny and takes away any excess frizz! 

It's really important to have a Daily Shampoo, and not to use the volumizing shampoo every day (especially because it has sea salt in it, it can dry up your hair if you use it too much!). I wash my hair every two days, and I use the volumizing shampoo about every three washes. If not, then this Clairol Professional Curl Daily Shampoo is my go to shampoo! This shampoo has a great formula and always leaves my wavy hair nice and bouncy! 

Aside from my climate control which I use less frequently (since it's more for that days when I need that extra protection from heat and humidity), it's important to have an every day Prepping Spray. I spray this while my hair is still wet, before I blow dry or straighten or curl or whatever! It's meant to protect your hair from burning and prep it for all that heat! This is a smaller size Bumble Bumble Prep Spray, I got this at the salon in a smaller size but I think it's usually sold larger! 

This is my go to Hair Serum! I got this with my styling wand as an add-on product and I loved it! It's the Ionix Hair Serum with Vitamin E and Argan Oil. It works amazingly to prevent frizz and make sure your hair is smooth for when you blow dry and straighten/curl. If I don't put this in my hair it comes out so dry and frizzy! So this really helps me smooth it out and improve the texture of my hair. 

Last but not least, sometimes you gotta treat your hair with something other than masks or preventative sprays. For my Treatment Product I like to use the Marc Anthony 10 second Miracle Daily Treatment. Now, I don't use it every day, but I do when I feel like my hair needs a little something extra. It's supposed to: moisture, detangle, repair, reduce frizz, prevent breakage, boost softness and shine, protect, stimulate growth, improve body and strengthen your hair! It has apple stem cells and is a really great treatment all-round! Again, I don't use it every day but I've seen great results when I do use it!

Hope this was helpful loves, which hair products are a must for you?

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