Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cheer Nationals 2013

Hi my loves!

This weekend I went down to Niagara Falls to watch my old high school cheerleading team compete at Nationals. Uniforms, bows and glitter, what could be better?!

Cheer Evolution hosted the 2013 Cheer and Dance Nationals in Niagara Falls. There were hundreds of cheerleaders of all different ages (The little cheerleaders are my favourite, SO CUTE!). They chose a great spot to have the competition, the Scotiabank Convention Centre is big, open, and also close to everything you could need, including the falls! For those of you who have never been to Niagara Falls, I would definitely recommend the trip. The falls are gorgeous and there is so much to do and see there.

Aside from the amazing scenery and routines, I love going to competitions because they always have booths for you to make your own cheer gear! They have tons of stuff to choose from and you get to pick everything. My favourite saying I saw this year was "Kiss My Bow", love it!

Last year, I got to make a sweater at Nationals and it is definitely one of my favourite sweaters to wear! This is how it turned out:

Since this was our first year going to nationals and not competing, we thought we would show our
support by making shirts, wearing cheer gear, team bows and of course using glitter as war paint :) Even though I miss competing, it was nice to relax and enjoy the competition this year!

Now for those of you who think cheerleading is just girls with poms poms, you might want to think again. Competitive cheerleading should honestly be considered a sport, it takes a lot of hard work and skill. This year, the team's season got cut down to two months but they have worked so hard to get where they are and it was nice to see them perform at a competition. They have really come so far and I am super proud of them! :)

Let us know what you guys think in the comment box below! We'd love you guys to share your thoughts, experiences or cheer videos with us :)

Until next time darlings!

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