Saturday, May 11, 2013

Revamp Your Room: Shadow Boxes

   Hello! Welcome back to the Revamp Your Room series! In our previous post, we showed you how to make some cool graphic art to brighten up your walls. In this next project, we’re dealing with shadow boxes!

   Shadow boxes are frames, however they have quite a bit of depth to them so objects can be placed inside of them as opposed to just pictures.  Seeing as my room is beach themed, and I’ve collected quite a large collection of lei’s (the flower necklaces commonly associated with Hawaiian culture), I decided to cut them up and fill some shadow boxes with the flower petals to create cool 3D art for my walls!

This project was super simple! Here’s what you need:
·      Shadow Box (I used 2)
·      Different coloured Lei’s/ Objects of your choice

I found my shadow boxes at IKEA for $10 each, but you can also find them at any art store, or Walmart! The lei’s I have accumulated over the years of going to a local culture festival, but they can be bought at your local dollar or party store!

Step One: Cut the string between the flowers on each lei and slide the flowers off.
Step Two: Pile all of the petals together and mix them up!
Step Three: Open the back of each shadow box and put an even group of the petals into each box
Step Four: Secure the back of the shadow box, AND YOU'RE DONE! 

That’s it! In four easy steps you have an interesting piece to hang up on your walls.

The great thing about shadow boxes is that you can put virtually anything in them! You don’t have to do flowers. You can fill them with sand and shells, recreate your favourite skyline using small building models, or just make a collage of your favourite photos on scrapbook paper J

Try it out and let us know how it went in the comment box below! Xx

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