Saturday, May 04, 2013


Hey guys! So I have a Body Shop Haul for you guys, this was pretty impromptu, I kind of just went in to get a mother’s day gift for my mum and then I found out they were having tonnes of promos that day, and I haven’t got anything from there in a while so I figured I’d grab a couple things.

Promos going on:
25% off gift sets
20% off your whole order for members
FREE Mini Gift Set with a purchase of over $40.00
MAY is my birthday month so I got my $10.00 worth of free products as well!

So here’s what I got:

PINK GRAPEFRUIT GIFT SET - $40.00 *reduced to just under $30 with the 25% promotion and 20% off for members
I picked this up for my mum for mother’s day, I’ve never gotten her anything from the body shop before and I know she’ll use this stuff so I figured it would be the perfect gift. I like that it comes with everything you’d need to take care of your skin. It comes with: shower gel, exfoliator, body butter, scented soap and a loofah.  Pretty great considering I got it for 55% off! And the contents are worth $53.00! I consider that A DEAL.

These are normally $20.00 I believe, so I wanted to grab them when I saw them. I’m so bad at taking care of my nails so I picked this up – should do the trick!

This is supposed to be great for moisturizing and I have rough hands so I thought I’d try it out. Plus, it has hemp in it..I mean come on.

I love the Tea Tree Oil face wash that I have from the body shop, and this was so cheap I figured it would work just as well, I love face masks!

I love seaweed products and face masks! So I couldn’t say no to this one.

VITAMIN C FACE MASK - $2.00 *free for me, buy two get one free
This one ended up being free so I grabbed it, but microdermabrasion is always great so I’m sure it’ll brighten up my skin a bit.

I don’t have much makeup from the body shop, and to be honest the stuff I’ve tried so far hasn’t been amazing. But, being that their stuff is all vegetarian I still like to try it out. This colour is darker than a colour I would normally use for concealer, but it has a nice glow to it so I figured I’d check it out. Plus I never use stick concealers, there’s a first time for everything!

HAIRCARE MOISTURE KIT - $10.00 *free for me as it was my birthday gift!
I loved getting this for free! Hehe. I like that it comes with the shampoo, conditioner and hair butter all in one. I don’t have particularly dry hair but some extra conditioning never hurts! (The comb is cool too!)

GIFT SET - $10.00 *free for me since I spent over $40.00 total
Last but not least, who doesn’t love travel sized shower gels and body lotions?! WE ALL DO. So I was happy when the cashier threw this in my bag for free as well. These scents are gorgeous too so I’m pretty happy with that. And again, another loofah never hurt anybody.

TOTAL: $58.76 with tax, which is NOT BAD AT ALL considering all the things I got!

Hope you enjoyed this, I can’t wait to use these products! Do you guys love the body shop as much as I do?

Comment letting me know what your favourite body shop product is!


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