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Music Monday | Multiply

Hello! This Monday we’re featuring Ed Sheeran’s sophomore release, ‘Multiply’.

Now it’s no secret. I absolutely L O V E Ed. He’s adorable, he’s unbelievably talented, he’s so kind hearted, and he’s British. I listen to ‘Plus’ on a daily basis. So obviously I could NOT wait until he released his second effort.

Multiply features the Ed Sheeran we know, but with a few twists. After collaborating with legendary producers Pharell, and Rick Rubin, the album took on a life of it’s own. Ed didn’t want people to think Multiply was just another ‘Plus’, and releasing the third track, ‘Sing’, as the first single did just the opposite.

Sing has that signature funky Pharell rhythm, with the Ed Sheeran lyrical touch. I will admit, it took me more than a couple listens to get used to it, but now I basically scream every time I hear it on the radio. The beat gets you moving, and the hook is infectious. Also, have you SEEN the vid? Two words: Drunk. Puppet. You can check that madness out here!

The album’s first track, One, made me swoon the minute I heard the first line. It’s a soft, delicate track, and I absolutely love it.

Don’t is the fourth track, and it’s one with a bite. But it obviously had to be because it’s written about a girl he was seeing, who then slept with one of his friends. At his own party. Yeah. But even though we’re sorry for Ed, we can’t ignore the fact that this song is awesome. The baseline is sick, the rhythm just makes you wanna’ bounce. 

What I really admire about Ed and his songwriting is his ability to translate an entire story while keeping a rhyme scheme, a melody and a rhythm. I always feel like there’s so much progression, like he’s literally painting a picture of what happened. Small Bump, off of 'Plus’, is a prime example of this. I was following that song like he was sitting there telling me something that had happened. It’s a skill I don’t feel is possessed by many, so to see it is awesome.

Bloodstream is the seventh track. Yes, it’s a song about a drug experience. No, he isn’t an avid drug user. This track creates a certain ambiance when you listen to it, and I love it. Especially towards the end, with the vocal layering and crescendo. It’s beautiful, like most things that come out of his mind.

Tenerife Sea is the eighth track and is the musical equivalent of a small town waterside wedding. With a lot of DIY nametags, lace and candles. Beautiful, serene, calming. It just exudes the overall joy and happiness that comes with being in love. “Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it’s enough for me”. Are you kidding, Sheeran? Ugh. The finger style guitar in the song gives it that calming vibe, the riff is beautiful. Love.

Runaway is the next track. It’s groovy and is also another track the strays a bit from the Ed acoustic sound. Sorry to be redundant, but: Love.

The Man & Take it Back are both tracks that you can feel his love of HipHop. But, “He’s not a rapper, he’s a singer with a flow” LOL The rap/spoken word style mixed with the singing during the chorus makes them both interesting tracks. And, again, the story telling is awesome. You heard his HipHop influence somewhat on ‘Plus’ but these songs, I feel, really translate that in full.  Also, contrary to your belief, Ed, we wouldn’t mind seeing you shirtless.

The next two tracks are two of my FAVOURITES.

Thinking Out Loud is going to be my wedding song hands down. The Motown vibe on this track makes me grin from ear-to-ear. It’s basically “Let’s Get It On”, but with Ed’s words. The song is basically talking about loving eachother for the rest of time. The 1:11 mark is one of my favourite parts of the entire album. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled as hard as I do when hear him sing that part. AHHHH. Slow dancing with the love of my life to this song is like, my dream basically.

Afire Love is the next track, and it’s about Ed’s grandfather who lived with Alzheimer’s Disease when he was young. Needless to say, this track is a tear jerker. His story telling skill is blatantly apparent. The first line of the song will hit you HARD. The melody of the chorus is absolutely beautiful, not to mention the lyrics. “With your body next to mine, our hearts will beat as one”. ??? love. This is also a track I think will hit home with a lot of people.  Good on him for that.

Even My Dad Does Sometimes is the fifteenth track. This song has that low, quiet feel. Definitely something you can put on to wind down.

The last two tracks are both ones featured on motion picture soundtracks. 

I See Fire was the theme for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. All of The Stars was the theme for John Green’s hit YA book “The Fault in Our Stars”. I See Fire is AMAZING. The guitar intro is so so beautiful. Hearing him play it live (via live stream from Dublin) was even more amazing when he used his looper. All of The Stars made me BAWL the first time I heard it. I was in the middle of reading the book so, that made it worse. Both capture the feel of each movie perfectly. I just think he should be responsible for the soundtrack to everything. He’s already to soundtrack to my entire life.

So there you have it. Multiply, in kind of a nutshell. I love the songs I didn’t talk about aswell (Nina, Shirtsleeves, I'm A Mess, Photograph). But these were the ones I HAD to. Ed, in my eyes, can pretty much do no wrong. He’s coming to Toronto in September and there’s no way I’m not going to be there. I cannot wait to see what this talent has for us in the future.

Enjoy listening!

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