Sunday, July 13, 2014

Travels | Montreal: Part II

Hey dolls! Here are some highlights from the second half of my short Montreal trip! I was only there for a week, I didn't even get to go to any of the museums or anything! Maybe next time, anyways I hope you enjoy!

We saw in Notre Dame Basilica in Old Montreal which is so beautiful. Unfortunately we didn't go inside, the tour was full - but we saw some pictures and it's breathtaking. Celine Dion got married there! It's definitely something to see!

I love cobblestone streets, and they're everywhere in Vieux MontrĂ©al. It really reminds you of how long the city has existed, and how rich the culture is. 

I just had to take some pictures of this cupcake store, it smelled like HEAVEN in there, you guys don't even know..

In the middle of Old Montreal there is a street filled with vendors and performers, it's like a festival every day. You can buy art, jewelry, books - you can watch people play instruments or grab something tasty to eat.  

I didn't realize how much water surrounded Montreal (or that it was even an island). It's beautiful to see and travel through. PS. The tents on the right are Cirque du Soleil tents!

It was BOILING HOT while I was in Montreal, I was sweating in that long-sleeved shirt haha!

As I'm sure you could tell from all of my food posts on Instagram, Montreal has some of the BEST food I've ever tasted. From burgers to salads, poutine, Montreal bagels AND don't forget desserts..mmmm 

This cheesecake was delicious, from a gorgeous old restaurant (pictured above) called L'express. It's definitely somewhere to try out if you're a first timer in Montreal!

Well that's about it guys! I hope you enjoyed my little tidbits of Montreal. I still have some separate Restuarant Reviews and such to put up - they'll be up soon I promise! And more travel posts will be up soon too! Don't forget Part 1 of my Montreal vlog is on my youtube channel:  - so be sure to check that out to see these pics in motion! Take care!

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