Thursday, July 11, 2013

Travel | Hawaii Part I

     Hello Loves, It’s Varsha AND Sonia here! Welcome to our new Travel Series. All of us are going to be travelling to interesting places in the next couple of months, so we've come up with the series to not only share our time with you, but to also give you guys some ideas if you ever decide to go to these destinations :)

     Varsha recently turned 21 (we have no clue where the time went…), and as a birthday gift our family took her on a trip to Hawaii! The two of us, our parents, and our aunt went to the island of Oahu for seven days and it was beautiful! 

     On day one, after a twelve hour trip from Toronto, to Vancouver, to Oahu, we got to the hotel, grabbed some food and decided to do what Varsha wanted to do. Everyone knew what this would be: go to the zoo and the aquarium. The Waikiki strip is filled with hotels and tourists. So we figured the zoo would be a ways away. NOPE. The waiter at the restaurant said it was a five-minute walk down the street. It was crazy to think that in the middle of all of the hotels and two minutes away from the beach there would be a ZOO. So, we strolled five minutes down the street and there it was. Most of the animals were sleeping, so we finished the tour and headed to the aquarium. This was SUPER cool. There were indoor and outdoor portions, which was made for an interesting visit. After a long day of walking and seeing animals of the land and the sea, we headed to the hotel restaurant “Moana Terrace”.

flight, honolulu airport, and view from our room!

      Day Two: my mom and aunt wanted to get their shopping fix in. We were in the states after all LOL. So we walked over to the most popular mall the “Ala Moana Shopping Centre”. The thing I loved about Hawaii was that it was nice enough and everything was close enough to walk, EVERYWHERE. It surely combatted all the eating out we did! The mall was cool, but we were in Hawaii! We didn’t want to spend all day shopping, however that’s what ended up happening. Not many pictures there!

      Day Three: we did something that was really special. We visited the Pearl Harbour Memorial Site. Here, we both got to tour an actual submarine, which was REALLY cool. Then, we went to a theatre where we watched a short film on the actual events of December 7th, 1941. It was so interesting to learn about the historical events of the island. We were then transported by boat to the U.S.S Arizona Memorial, which is a memorial to all of the soldiers built upon the actual remains of the U.S.S Arizona. To be out in the middle of the water surrounded by the remains of those ships was incredible. It was quiet, peaceful, and gave everyone a chance to reflect. It was a really important day of the trip. 

      So, to recap, some cool things to do if or when you visit the 
lovely island of Oahu are: 

·      Waikiki Zoo
·      Waikiki Aquarium
·      Ala Moana Shopping Centre (If you want to get some shopping in!)
·      Pearl Harbour Memorial Site

Have you visited an interesting place this summer? Have you visited the Island of Oahu?

Tell us about it in the comment box below! 

Hawaii Part II, featuring the last three days of our trip, will be posted tomorrow! 
Stay Tuned :)


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