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File Transfer Apps: Dropbox vs. Bump

Hi! So this isn’t new, but I thought I’d do a little post on two apps that make file transferring amazingly easy. Goodbye are the days where we’d have to email or “MSN” each other music, pictures or documents for a school project. Where we’d constantly need to be carrying around (or borrowing) USB’s. Apps like “Dropbox” and “Bump” are here to save the day.


Dropbox is available through the web, and an app on your computer as well as your phone. This means you can access your files from anywhere, at anytime, as long as you have one of these devices or access to the internet. It’s simple, you sign up on the website:, and begin sharing files! You can create folders for your personal use, or create folders to share between a friend or a group! The perfect thing about dropbox is that all of the files are uploaded automatically to all your devices (think iCloud). Whenever I take pictures on my phone, they’re automatically loaded to my computer. That was a big seller for me, because I absolutely dread uploading pictures to my computer manually. Who has time for that? LOL Although I have iCloud, I could never seem to get it working to push things such as a pictures and documents onto my devices. Dropbox was much, much easier to handle without having to “configure settings”. I dropbox everything, to everyone now. Thank you dropbox.


Bump is virtually the same thing as dropbox. HOWEVER, I got it (despite the fact that I already had dropbox) for one reason, and one reason alone. YOU FIST BUMP FILES TO ONE ANOTHER. Fist bump. FIST BUMP. Although yes, it’s convenient and allows the same web and phone access as dropbox, the actual “bumping” feature was the thing I found most intriguing. Yes, for those of you asking, I am indeed 20 years old.
In addition to files, you can also “bump” contacts to other phone users, which I found helpful as well. Instead of memorizing numbers and emails when asked for contacts, you can simply “bump” them to your friends.
While bumping files, you can message the person you’re sending the file to from the app itself.
Another cool feature of “bump” is the fact that you can now bump with your computer! When on the website:, you can transfer files between your phone and computer by simply bumping the space bar with your phone. Again, it’s that easy to get pictures and documents to your computer. The only con between this and dropbox is the fact that you need to bump to the web, then download to your computer. Also, sometimes it can be a bit finicky. But, those are minor cons when you’re transferring files through fist bump, right?

Sum Up

Dropbox: More storage/access focused. Used for storage of files for personal use, and storage of files in shared folder for access by both parties (which is where the file transfer aspect comes in)
Bump: More transfer focused. Able to choose files (music, documents, dropbox files, pictures, contacts) from phone to transfer to other party through the act of a fist bump.

So there you have it, two different apps both with one purpose: To ensure that everyone has everything they’ve ever snapped, written or listened to, with them and/or accessible at all times. Here’s to technology.

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