Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fashion Fix | Festival Style

Hey gangsters! Okay so last weekend I went to the Digital Dreams Festival, which is an electronic dance music festival in Toronto! It was amazing - house/electro/dance/trance music isn't my go to music, but when I hear it in a club I just LOVE it. And this festival just made me love it that much more.

So, when I was looking into figuring out what to wear, I realized you can't wear just anything! You need to be comfortable, wear long-lasting stuff, think about the heat, the crowd..ETC. So I figured it would be good to do a post on this since it's not like your regular going out outfits!

So here's Day 1:

TOP: Crochet-Looking Cover-up from Katie - $12
BOTTOMS: Orange Denim shorts from Scotch and Son - $40 (on sale)
PURSE: Brown Tassel Cross-body from ebay - $9
RINGS: Different tones from H&M - $6 (I think...)
BRACELET: Gift from Hawaii!
SHOES (not pictured): Brown Gladiators from Spring - $30

What I loved about this outfit was how boho-chic it felt! The colours went really well together, and I wore a bright blue (ish) bandeau underneath to brighten it all up! Here's a pic of the outfit on (and you can actually see my shoes and $6 sunglasses from Forever 21):

So this outfit was great because it had that boho festival style, but allowed me to be comfortable and versatile - I took off the shirt and just wore the bandeau when it got really hot! I did however find that my feet got pretty easily stepped on when they were exposed! Which brings me to Day 2..

For Day 2 of the festival I opted for something a bit more covered up, because the first day got a little cold. Although, I was totally wrong because this day was WAY HOTTER, which is why I again had the option of my bandeau. I went for the colours as well because the pride parade was that day!

TOP: Crop top tie-up from Forever 21 - $8 (on sale)
BOTTOMS: Cut-off denim shorts from Forever 21 - $14
HEADBAND: Braided in black from American Apparel - $16
BANDEAU: Neon tie-up from H&M - stolen from VARSHA
PURSE: Neon pink mini cross over from Little Black Bag - bundled, no real price
SNEAKERS: lace-ups with side buttons from H&M - $15 (on sale)

*note - I didn't end up wearing the bracelet and watch because they felt too heavy, I went back to the Hawaii bracelet, but the watch is from Michael Kors and the bracelet is from Daily Look

I ended up barely wearing that crop top because it was SO HOT, but the colours made it a fun festival outfit. And of course, you can never go wrong with a headband to keep that hair outta your face and add some boho-chic to this look as well! Here's the full outfit on (sorry I didn't have a pic with my shoes and I stole those aviators from my bf!):

My feet were way more protected in these shoes! Again overall it was really comfy but I was really happy I still worked in that boho style. What would you wear to an outdoor music festival? Comment below!

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