Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Restaurant Review | Come and Get it!

Hey everyone! I actually went to this restaurant SO long ago and meant to do this post a while ago as well, and then I came across these pics and remembered how much I LOVED this place! So here's your review :)

Come and get it is an awesome hip and pretty healthy pop-up store in Toronto (located at 170 Spadina West)! I love it because the menu is pretty much fixed and STACKED with awesome food. They also have veggie options which we all know is important for me! You can choose between three formats: sandwich, salad, poutine and 5 flavours which you can see on their menu below.

Although there are no modifications, they offer really affordable combos with every format. As well, they offer fresh fruit and veggie drinks with your meal, which never hurts!

My meal was the green bean sandwich and it tasted like heaven. I loved it! It was so healthy, I've never thought of putting green beans IN my sandwich before! It was so different and tasty!

I also got it with a Mexican style soup and a beet root drink (I was so STUFFED by the end of this), all for only $12! Did I mention it was super affordable?!

Aside from the awesome food at this place, you know I just HAD to comment on the decor. It was all old school and colourful, so detailed! You know how I love my details. 

I love the look of the wood with the neon colours, it created a really cool vibe. I also loved how open the space is, it wasn't crammed and the seats we were at were high chairs with a high table, so it felt very much like sitting in a lounge at a restaurant.

Of course, being the tree-hugger that I am, I also have to point out that everything they use is recyclable, including the cutlery! And cups seen below:

Overall I LOVE LOVE LOVED this place, and I can't wait to go back. Catch them here on Spadina before they move to their next location. I totally recommend this place for a filling and healthy lunch! :)

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PS. They also always have really cool specials going on, so be sure to check those out before you order! (They usually also have those up on their twitter!) Check them out at

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